Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mission Week 72: November 22, 2016 Happy Thanksgiving!

          EL FARO!! That phrase describes how this week went for me and Elder Sedgwick. It was incredible! He literally worked me into the ground and I loved it! I thought I was working my hardest, then Elder Sedgwick came into my life. He is so dedicated, so focused, I am so grateful to have him as a companion. I can truly say even after one week, that I wish I could be Elder Sedgwick when I grow up! I have learned so much, how to speak with power statements, how to change the dynamic of a lesson using a video or other tool, how to pass the conversation to your companion, how to really focus on the high probability people, how to lead the zone, and many other things. I feel so blessed, I hope to be able to continue learning and applying the things I learn.
           Elder Campbell went up North to SAN Sebastian. He was so excited to finally go up north and have a native companion. We had huge changes in the zone. All great though. We now have Elder Robles in our piso. He is from Peru. So funny. He loves making lemonade and playing chess. Right up my alley! Elder Cook and Elder Allen are both zone leaders in the mission! Great men. I am excited to see them in leadership meeting. As for the Westlake kids, both are around Barcelona. They seem to be doing great!
          With a new transfer, there is a new excitement in the zone of Valencia. We saw miracles in the zone as new companionships worked together with power to find, teach, and baptize. We are so grateful for the leadership in the zone. We are blessed to have great, consecrated district leaders who are giving their all to help build these areas. We decided to start this transfer with a Finding Fire! Every companionship finding 10 New investigators! It's something that always helps with morale, when we are finding, we are teaching. Nothing happens in missionary work until we find. We are following up a lot with the goal including screaming the word HOSANNA in a phone call to the district leaders every time we find someone new to teach! It is going to be a great week in the Zone of Valencia.
          We have been so blessed this week to see friends start to progress and come closer to Christ. Our recent convert L. is doing splendid. He will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood next week, and his children have baptismal dates for the beginning of December. Our lesson of the Restoration went fantastic. When we talked about Jospeh Smith and how he wanted to know which church was true. We asked C. what he would do if he wanted to know which was true. He replied, "I would go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." We laughed and said that was right. Both children have strong desires to get baptized and the primary has been wonderful with them. We are helping them to prepare a song for the baptism. It would be a special treat for those kids.
          We saw monumental steps with our investigator, B. She is very Catholic but was open to listen to us. She was afraid to come to church because she didn't know what is was like and other things. Well we had a visit with her and we invited our incredible convert C. She was baptized in March and was a nun for six years in her life. When she bore witness that the church was true and that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ was more important than the traditions of our fathers, the Spirit filled the room. She then came to church and loved the experience, being accompanied by Concha the entire time. What a miracle.
          Today for preparation day we went and got true, fresh Horchata. It's a typical Valencian drink and so delicious. We also went and ran some errands. We are hoping to do a big zone activity next week!!
          I am learning lots from my studies. I love the idea of true Christianity. Christianity isn't a church, it's a type of attitude, a way of being. I can be a member of the church and not practice true Christianity. Being the best person I can be, living my religion, helping the less fortunate is true religion. Of course, we are so blessed to have a ol the pieces of the Gospel, but Ike Preach my Gospel says, "Just as vital as what you do, however, is who you are." we need to be Christians, not just say we are. I am grateful for the example of Christ in teaching me how to be His follower. I am grateful for powerful leaders who live true Christianity every day. I know that this Gospel helps us become true Christians and disciples of Christ. I pray that every minute I can show my Savior that his name is printed on my heart.


Elder Tyson

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