Friday, November 11, 2016

Mission Week 68: October 24, 2016-Visit from President Russell M. Nelson

Happy Preparation Day!!!!!

This week was incredible!!!! Full of the Spirit

I did receive Patti's package!!!!! It was great!!!!!

I did not have time for brownies for the baptism. we were rushing all over. but L. is doing great!!!! He actually helped us take the sacrament to a old member at home yesterday. He didn´t bless, but he was there!!!! He is a champ!!!!! 

Elder Campbell and I this week had a very interesting experience that I would like to share. We were doing our last contact, and we stopped a lady who appeared miserable. She had thick bags under her eyes, countanence low, beaten and torn from the hardships of life. She began to share with us some of these hardships, and we realized this woman needed our help. she told us how she felt soinsignificant in the world and how she had come toaccept that. She had literally accepted a miserable life. We told her that life wasn't meant to be miserable, we were meant to be joyful. She explained that joy wasn't truly possible, and wouldn't allow us to testify how it was indeed. She accepted a card and left. This woman left a big impact on us. Every day this woman is choosing misery. Se is choosing to be down, and beat, and sad. Worst of all, she knows it, and doesn't want to change. I felt such sorrow for her, and so grateful for the joy that is guaranteed to me when I follow Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, this pas Sunday we met M. She is from Ecuador, and is by herself working. We got to know her a little bit and found out that her children are missionaries for another church out there in her country. She said how she loved that her sons had stayed close to God but she felt she hadn't. I told her that God loved her, and has given her the tools to fix her relationship with him and return to His presence. She started tearing up and said that she wanted that with all of her soul. I asked if we could meet on Tuesday, and she asked if we could on Monday, Tuesday being too late. We gladly agreed! we are so excited to see her today and bring her the Gospel! God's love can change everyone of us, if we want it to!

On Friday we had the privilege of a lifetime. Seeing President Russell M. Nelson and Elder Patrick  Kearon was such a treat. I wanted to be so prepared. I came with a question in my heart. When we got on the train in the morning, I didn't want to sleep or chat, I wanted to study. To feast upon the word before hearing it. I studied in chapter four of Preach my Gospel on how I can recognize the Spirit. I studied the whole train ride, and although it was great seeing all of my past companions and things, I was really trying to keep the reverence and stay close to the Spirit. The conference was incredible. It was one of the most Spiritual meetings in my mission, and I believe it was thanks to my preparation. I didn't want to even speak afterwards for fear of losing that temple-like spirit. I learned that we need to attack everything we do with passion and vigor. That this is El Faro and we need to keep acting as such. I was so blessed. So grateful that we got the permission to come up to see an Apostle of the Lord.

Call us goofy, but as we were passing a flee market in the streets this morning I caught a glimpse of some wood swords for only 1€. SO of course we couldn't resist. then we made time lapse videos and fought in slow motion.... Gabe and Braden would have love that!!!! It was just a calm day, very fun!!!!

A fantastic week. Loved every second!

Love you!!!

Elder Tyson


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