Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mission Week 72: November 22, 2016 Happy Thanksgiving!

          EL FARO!! That phrase describes how this week went for me and Elder Sedgwick. It was incredible! He literally worked me into the ground and I loved it! I thought I was working my hardest, then Elder Sedgwick came into my life. He is so dedicated, so focused, I am so grateful to have him as a companion. I can truly say even after one week, that I wish I could be Elder Sedgwick when I grow up! I have learned so much, how to speak with power statements, how to change the dynamic of a lesson using a video or other tool, how to pass the conversation to your companion, how to really focus on the high probability people, how to lead the zone, and many other things. I feel so blessed, I hope to be able to continue learning and applying the things I learn.
           Elder Campbell went up North to SAN Sebastian. He was so excited to finally go up north and have a native companion. We had huge changes in the zone. All great though. We now have Elder Robles in our piso. He is from Peru. So funny. He loves making lemonade and playing chess. Right up my alley! Elder Cook and Elder Allen are both zone leaders in the mission! Great men. I am excited to see them in leadership meeting. As for the Westlake kids, both are around Barcelona. They seem to be doing great!
          With a new transfer, there is a new excitement in the zone of Valencia. We saw miracles in the zone as new companionships worked together with power to find, teach, and baptize. We are so grateful for the leadership in the zone. We are blessed to have great, consecrated district leaders who are giving their all to help build these areas. We decided to start this transfer with a Finding Fire! Every companionship finding 10 New investigators! It's something that always helps with morale, when we are finding, we are teaching. Nothing happens in missionary work until we find. We are following up a lot with the goal including screaming the word HOSANNA in a phone call to the district leaders every time we find someone new to teach! It is going to be a great week in the Zone of Valencia.
          We have been so blessed this week to see friends start to progress and come closer to Christ. Our recent convert L. is doing splendid. He will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood next week, and his children have baptismal dates for the beginning of December. Our lesson of the Restoration went fantastic. When we talked about Jospeh Smith and how he wanted to know which church was true. We asked C. what he would do if he wanted to know which was true. He replied, "I would go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." We laughed and said that was right. Both children have strong desires to get baptized and the primary has been wonderful with them. We are helping them to prepare a song for the baptism. It would be a special treat for those kids.
          We saw monumental steps with our investigator, B. She is very Catholic but was open to listen to us. She was afraid to come to church because she didn't know what is was like and other things. Well we had a visit with her and we invited our incredible convert C. She was baptized in March and was a nun for six years in her life. When she bore witness that the church was true and that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ was more important than the traditions of our fathers, the Spirit filled the room. She then came to church and loved the experience, being accompanied by Concha the entire time. What a miracle.
          Today for preparation day we went and got true, fresh Horchata. It's a typical Valencian drink and so delicious. We also went and ran some errands. We are hoping to do a big zone activity next week!!
          I am learning lots from my studies. I love the idea of true Christianity. Christianity isn't a church, it's a type of attitude, a way of being. I can be a member of the church and not practice true Christianity. Being the best person I can be, living my religion, helping the less fortunate is true religion. Of course, we are so blessed to have a ol the pieces of the Gospel, but Ike Preach my Gospel says, "Just as vital as what you do, however, is who you are." we need to be Christians, not just say we are. I am grateful for the example of Christ in teaching me how to be His follower. I am grateful for powerful leaders who live true Christianity every day. I know that this Gospel helps us become true Christians and disciples of Christ. I pray that every minute I can show my Savior that his name is printed on my heart.


Elder Tyson

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mission Week 71: November 15, 2016 Adios Elder Campbell...Bienvenidos Elder Sedgwick!

Dearest family,

What a week it's been!!!! 

Elder Campbell has gone..... He is on a train to the North... very happy for him!!!!!

And my new companion is...... GET THE WILHITE'S READY!!!!!!


I am so excited!!!!! we are going to have a great time!!!!!

Yes, I know S.... He is a great member!!!! He wanted you to see the news article we were in and what not!!!

The despedida (goodbye) of the missionaries was great. the spirit was so strong, the members were touched by the stories and testimonies shared of the missionaries leaving our ward....

Sorry I have been really distracted today.... just been chit chatting.... I will try to do better next week.....

So its that time of year.... time to put the christmas package together!!!!! I would love to send you some things, but I may need a little money to do so..... is there any way that could be possible? I would love to pick up some things next week.... what ever you can would be great!!!!

I am so excited for this transfer!!!! It will be a great one, and we are going to see great miracles!!!!


Elder Tyson

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mission Week 70: November 8, 2016

Querido familia,

This week has been Marvelous. We have seen the glorious hand of the Lord as we have worked hard, and have put into practice the teachings of the conferences we have recently received.

Transfers are actually next week. this week we had a leadership meeting in Barcelona, It was great, we learned so much!!!! and ate good too!!!!

I have been so happy!!! Extremely exhausted but happy!!!! I received the Halloween package, and the thanksgiving letters!!! thank you so much!!!! It was very thoughtful of you!!!!

Glad Disneyland was a blast!!! sounds like a great last vacation for Kalee!! Loved the videos!!! Thanks pops!!! especially the smokey the bear!!!!

I have truly been learning the correlation between faith and works. In the General Epistle of James it states, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. 
Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works." That scripture has impacted me in many ways. I have learned that of course, We can't just rely on faith. If I say that I know the Lord answers prayers, and believe it with my whole soul but then never search the scriptures to find it, I will never receive the answer I am looking for. 
I have also learned that faith is something you have to work at. We have to keep pushing our faith and the Lord with help us see miracles. Nephi didn't start by building the ship, he started by praying to know if the teachings of his father were true, then he followed through with his commandments, always working at his faith. I hope that I can continue to build my faith, by pushing myself and always confiding in the Lord Jesus Christ!

This week we had the opportunity to teach the family our recent convert, L. He has two daughters and a son. They were able to come to church on Sunday and it was a great miracle. His wife couldn't attend but his children came! They all accepted dates to be baptized this month so we are getting excited for them!!!!

I can't lie, I don't want the Tyson/Campbell companionship to come to a close. It has been a wonderful three act performance with twists and turns, an incredible live orchestra, and a very grand climax. Elder Campbell has been the fearless protagonist, the magnanimous hero, if you will, the man who has dug deep and found his true prize. I feel like his noble steed, shimmering in the sunlight, giving support to our brave knight as he conquers the dragon, saves the day, and baptizes the villain. I have been truly grateful for him and all he has done for me!

Today was the last preparation day with Elder Campbell so I basically let him take the lead! we went to a documentary in like one of those hemispheric rooms (with permission from President) and it was incredible!!! A little boring, but we learned a lot about Dinosaurs!!! We then went to the mall and ate McDonalds....

Love you lots!!! hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Tyson


Friday, November 11, 2016

Mission Week 69: October 31, 2016

Hola Familia!

L. is doing great!! We are actually going to start teaching his
entire family this week!!! They seem really nice and he is excited to
share the Gospel.

Really, this week for us has been very calm. We worked and worked.

We did have our Halloween party. It was fun. We got there and they
were starting late so I decided to just get some activities going.
Musical chairs, cruise ship, the works.... it was lacking the Patti
party flare, and treat basket, so I tried to bring it. In the end it
was great and the members were dancing at the church until 2am. It was

Sunday I had another opportunity to put my family skills to the test.
One our members had her grandchildren with her and brought them to
church. One is 3 and reminds me a lot like Krew. He was exploring and
being a little irreverent just like kids are, and I could see the
bishops face boiling. The poor member is this sweet grandma who was
clueless what to do. So I look at him and gesture for him to come
over. He sits by me and I put the children's Book of Mormon on my iPad
and he started looking at the pictures and was really quiet. Then the
song came and I did exactly what mom did with me when I was wild. Put
my finger on the words and sang along with him. He was smiling and
trying to keep up with his hand. A cute little boy. After the hymn I
got my notes app out and let him draw some pictures. At the end of the
meeting, his grandma, who was behind us, says, what did you do? I
thought he was sleeping he was so quiet. I just laughed and said he
was a good boy and that I just did what my mom did with me!!!! Hahaha

So here are the transfer rumors.... Elder Campbell is going to
Barcelona.... I am pretty sure... I am staying here..... but other
than that not much.... we are getting a new ayudante this transfer,
and I think it will be someone from my group, specifically, Elder
Ball. He is a champion!

Halloween is just really dark here in Spain. No candy just death. It's sad.

Today for preparation day we went to a member's and had American
breakfast!!!! It was delicious!!! Pancakes, and bagels and all!!!! It
was great!!!! After we went to the arts and sciences museum here. It
is really famous. It was spectacular!!!! You know me and museums!!!! I
was eating it up!!! So many different things you can do to try and
experiment with!!!!!

So all in all great week.... full of joy!!! Hope the same for you!!!!!

Love you so much!!!!!!!
Elder Tyson

Mission Week 68: October 24, 2016-Visit from President Russell M. Nelson

Happy Preparation Day!!!!!

This week was incredible!!!! Full of the Spirit

I did receive Patti's package!!!!! It was great!!!!!

I did not have time for brownies for the baptism. we were rushing all over. but L. is doing great!!!! He actually helped us take the sacrament to a old member at home yesterday. He didn´t bless, but he was there!!!! He is a champ!!!!! 

Elder Campbell and I this week had a very interesting experience that I would like to share. We were doing our last contact, and we stopped a lady who appeared miserable. She had thick bags under her eyes, countanence low, beaten and torn from the hardships of life. She began to share with us some of these hardships, and we realized this woman needed our help. she told us how she felt soinsignificant in the world and how she had come toaccept that. She had literally accepted a miserable life. We told her that life wasn't meant to be miserable, we were meant to be joyful. She explained that joy wasn't truly possible, and wouldn't allow us to testify how it was indeed. She accepted a card and left. This woman left a big impact on us. Every day this woman is choosing misery. Se is choosing to be down, and beat, and sad. Worst of all, she knows it, and doesn't want to change. I felt such sorrow for her, and so grateful for the joy that is guaranteed to me when I follow Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, this pas Sunday we met M. She is from Ecuador, and is by herself working. We got to know her a little bit and found out that her children are missionaries for another church out there in her country. She said how she loved that her sons had stayed close to God but she felt she hadn't. I told her that God loved her, and has given her the tools to fix her relationship with him and return to His presence. She started tearing up and said that she wanted that with all of her soul. I asked if we could meet on Tuesday, and she asked if we could on Monday, Tuesday being too late. We gladly agreed! we are so excited to see her today and bring her the Gospel! God's love can change everyone of us, if we want it to!

On Friday we had the privilege of a lifetime. Seeing President Russell M. Nelson and Elder Patrick  Kearon was such a treat. I wanted to be so prepared. I came with a question in my heart. When we got on the train in the morning, I didn't want to sleep or chat, I wanted to study. To feast upon the word before hearing it. I studied in chapter four of Preach my Gospel on how I can recognize the Spirit. I studied the whole train ride, and although it was great seeing all of my past companions and things, I was really trying to keep the reverence and stay close to the Spirit. The conference was incredible. It was one of the most Spiritual meetings in my mission, and I believe it was thanks to my preparation. I didn't want to even speak afterwards for fear of losing that temple-like spirit. I learned that we need to attack everything we do with passion and vigor. That this is El Faro and we need to keep acting as such. I was so blessed. So grateful that we got the permission to come up to see an Apostle of the Lord.

Call us goofy, but as we were passing a flee market in the streets this morning I caught a glimpse of some wood swords for only 1€. SO of course we couldn't resist. then we made time lapse videos and fought in slow motion.... Gabe and Braden would have love that!!!! It was just a calm day, very fun!!!!

A fantastic week. Loved every second!

Love you!!!

Elder Tyson


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mission Week 67: October 17, 2016...BAPTISM!

Dear Family,

This was one busy week!!! Isn't that wonderful? Busy-ness is happiness!!!!

We went to Barcelona on Monday for a leadership meeting at the mission
home! The enchiladas were great! Hahaha!!! We got a lot of great ideas
for our Zone! It was fun to be with the other leaders, never a dull

When we got back we had our zone meeting for the month, and we set a
big goal!!!  So to take the goal upon them, we had a Jell-O
contest!!! Everyone had a jello on a plate, and had to suck it up!!!!
It was but  even greater than that was for our
teaching section we played a classic game of PRIMARY
PUNCH-OUT!!!!!!!!!! It was epic!!!! I wish I had pictures!!!! We had
them punch the board for our key indicators, and some had Primary
songs!!!!! The zone loved it!!!! It was a big hit!!!

Then I had an intercambio with new missionary, Elder Haines! He is a
good man! We worked hard and set up the baptism that we had on

On Saturday L. was Baptized!!!!!! He is our friend from
Nigeria!!!!! We weren't sure if he was actually going to be baptized,
but when we talked to him, he was sure!!!!! It was great. The ward was
so helpful in getting the service together! His two daughters also
came!!!! It was so fantastic! He came to church the next day wearing a
really nice African suit!!!!! He looked like a million bucks!!!!!! I
am so happy that I got to be a part of it!!!

Sounds like all is well on the home front!!!!!! Happy you are enjoying the new home!!!!!

We are doing very good!!!! We had interviews with President this
morning, and we are going to Barcelona this week for the conference
with President Nelson!!!! It will be great!!!!!!

Love you tons, have a great week!!!!!

Elder Tyson

Mission Week 66: October 10, 2016


This week has just been a solid one!!!!! We are seeing all kinds of miracles!!!! Mostly coming from the word of wisdom!!!!!! We have seen great miracles!!!!!

L. has his baptism planned for this week, we are crossing our fingers.... it's kind of like when I did the show Into the Woods. No one was quite sure how it was going to end up, but with a lot of prayer and effort, it all worked out!!! We hope this is his week to break a leg, and not because he slips in the font. We taught the Word of Wisdom, and he told us that he drinks tea every morning. We were helping him understand why tea was wrong, when suddenly the member looks up and says, "brother, you can drink chocolate milk, it is not against the Word of Wisdom." A look of relief passed over L., he seemed so happy that he wasn't breaking the commandments and could keep his chocolate milk. So I ask, "chocolate milk is tea?" And they said yes, they call lots of things tea, even though it isn't... oh the African culture!!!! It was hilarious. It was a great miracle to know that He can still get baptized with a chocolate milk addiction.

The other incessant was with L.E. He is doing great. We taught him the word of wisdom and we set a great plan to help him stop drinking. We hope he can get baptized this month.

I feel so spiritually lifted this week. I feel like I have truly caught the rhythm of the mission. Not to hurt feelings, but I can truly say right now that I do not want to go back to the real world. I love missionary work, and I know a lot of that is due to Elder Christian Spencer Campbell! He is a fantastic missionary and a great companion. He is pushing me to be my best, and I hope that I am helping him do the same! Life is great in Valencia!!!!

For preparation day we went to a store called taste of America!!!!! And they had Pop Tarts!!!!! I bought a box and shared them with our district!!! You can't be greedy when it comes to the good stuff!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that they have the big bag of Krusteez pancake mix on Amazon. Some missionaries have received it!!!!!!

And I will go search out the sword that has caught my eye next week, then we will talk... hahah!!!!

I am currently on a train to Barcelona for a leadership meeting!!!! It will be fun!!!

Last thing!!! I love you so much thank you for everything!!! I am so grateful to be your son!!!! Keep serving strong, and enjoy the new house!!!!

With lots of Spanish besos,
Elder Tyson