Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mission Week 53: July 11, 2016

Catching up a couple of weeks worth of posts. Enjoy!

Hoot hoot!!!!!

It has been a year folks..... They said I couldn't do it... They spit
in my face, they said, oh that Tyson boy won't amount to anything, and
yeah it hurt. But here I am, standing tall, facing this next year with
determination and vigor.... Let's do it!!!!

This week was super chill. Just working hard... Another area had a
baptism, so I went to do the interview.... Transfers came, but Elder
Muñoz and I are staying the same. We are seeing a lot of Elders go,
it's sad, but joyful!

We taught a great lesson to a family this week, they asked great
questions that inspired us to teach the plan of salvation. The Spirit
was undeniable. Unfortunately they live in the area of the sisters, so
we won't be teaching them anymore.......

Anyways, sorry this is a weak letter, same old....

I did get two packages from you!!!! The clothes and recorder!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Also, for preparation day we did another escape room... Fun, but not
as good as the other one..... But still fun, right next to our piso.

Love you,
Elder Tyson

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mission Week 52: One Year!!!!


Happy fourth folks!!!!! Man I am sure missing this holiday...... The
barbecue, the fireworks, the ice cream, the parades, the grass.......

This has been a great week, we set some big goals as a companionship
and we worked so hard to reach them. Although we didn't hit all of the
goals we set, we knew that our offering was accepted unto the Lord.
Elder Muñoz and I found more people this week than any other week in
the mission, and we didn't contact very much. We focused on the things
we learned in zone conference, following up, power statements, asking
a question, identifying the truth and the Spirit, and we saw miracles.
We are really pushing ourselves to apply what we learn so that we can
become better missionaries. This week was a great example, we focused
on families and talked with many who expressed a lot of interest in
hearing the restored Gospel.

This week we had a cultural night and talent show at the church. It
was incredible. The building was packed, everyone brought food, and
friends!!!! We met tons of great people and this was a perfect way to
help members with their missionary responsibilities. Elder Muñoz and I
also participated in making food, doing decorations and having a
talent. All in all, a great night!!

We did our swimming routine!!!! It was pretty great!!! Very sweaty,
but very fun. I also cooked sixty brownies!!!!!! Hard work, but
someone has to do it!!!!

Today was the best preparation day of my mission! We had 70
minutes, just 70, to investigate a home where a woman had
disappeared. We had to search for clues, open locks, find secret
passage ways, use magnets in a stuffed cows foot to move a key through
a maze, use math to flip light switches to open a door....... And even
decypher a code using a type writer!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!!!!!!!! It
is an escape room.... We went as a district and it was so fun.....
Great way to spend our country's birth!!!!!!!

It feels weird hitting the year mark! Can't believe I have made it
this far! I hope this year will be better. I have made some big
steps, and I hope to make some leaps this year. I have taken a long
look at what my life was, and what it is, and unlike Lot's wife, I
can't look back...... I see so clearly.... The things that distract
me.... The things that stop my progression... And the changes I need
to make to get where the Lord needs me to be..... I feel so close to
the Spirit.... And now... There is no going back......

Now that being said... Here is a bad example... It's time for

Let me just begin by saying, I have never broken the Word of
Wisdom..... NEVER...... Sure, I could eat healthier, I could exercise
more, but we all could, but as far as the five things we don't
touch.... I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED.....

Now with that precursor, we were in the home of an investigator and
she offered us some juice which was an infusion... It was like juice
powder in a bag in a pitcher, with the water..... No problem.... We
asked if it had tea, and she showed us two packs, one with tea and
another, without..... She said the only one in the water was the
juice.... And it was red, so we drank away..... As I was topping off
my glass, I caught a glimpse that in the pitcher, there were TWO
PACKETS...... I slowly turned the label on the tag, and as it spun
into view, I wanted vomit...... The juice, not only had juice, IT HAD
TEA!!!!!!! For the first time in my life, I was made unpure through
the power of that vile drink...... It was awful..... I thought it was
the telestial kingdom for me for sure! It was so sad. And
the worst part, we had to run to piso that night, and I got winded
like twenty steps earlier than normal....... It was tragic.....

But there is hope at the end of the tunnel... After vigorous
repenting, sacrament taking, and chugging tons of water to clean out
my system..... I am okay. I survived...... But it's was a close one
for sure.....

Love you all!

Elder Tyson