Monday, August 29, 2016

Mission Week 60: August 29, 2016

Miracles happen. I am so very grateful for this chance I have to serve here in Valencia. This week has been incredible. we have already seen lots of miracles and we are looking forward to many more.

Elder Campbell is my rock. He is like the wildabeast that protects the rest of the herd when the lions are attacking. He is always putting the needs of others and really helping the zone move forward. He knows the needs and knows how to act and help the needs. 

We are teaching D. right now, whom we met just this week.  We have set his fecha for the 10th of September. We have become his best friends. We are so excited and doing all we can to help him reach this goal.

Valencia is a great place, I know the Lord is in this work, and he is giving us extra blessings for all of the sweating we are doing. At least, weight loss. I am striving to do all I can to fulfill my role as a Zone Leader, and I hope that I can keep growing and magnifying this sacred calling.

This week I studied a talk by President Monson called "my Personal Hall of Fame". In it, he talks about all of the amazing people whom he would put in his "hall of fame". I began to think about who I would put in my hall of fame, and I have been so grateful for the amazing men and women in my life that have helped me grow into the man, and missionary, that I am.

Elder Campbell and I have a lot of fun!!!! He is a wild one like me!!!!! This last week we walked by some Gypsies playing music and I started to dance a little..... they all flipped out!!!!! so funny... they loved it, and we chatted for a minute!!!!!

The ward here is incredible!!!!! They work really hard and really mission focused!

I have been scrubbing our piso, because it smelt like straight urine when I got here...... I am still going for the source!!!!! Its been good though!!!!!

Love you lots!!!!

Elder Tyson

Mission Week 59: VALENCIA!!!!

August 22, 2016

Sorry folks, it will be short today. I just got off my three hour train to Valencia! My new companion is Elder Campbell. He has more time than me in the mission. We are going to have a great time together.

This last week was a struggle.... I broke my pin drive so I lost all of my photos and music, and everything that was on there.... So whatever pictures you have, please keep.

It was a sad week of goodbyes.... I had a visit with X., J., V., L. and J... The five closest people to me in this area... I gave them all gifts, and we just cried a lot. It was hard to leave the incredible people that I had taught and seen grow so much..... I hope to go back to see them.....

My time in Terrassa just flew by... I can't believe I am already gone....... It was a blur.... But I am so excited to make the most of my time here!!!!!

Side note.... I am currently sweating like nobody's business...

Last night we had the other elders in our district in our piso for the night, so we turned off all of the lights.... So dark that your eyes couldn't even adjust..... And we played hide and seek... All by touch and sound..... It was so fun.... And crazy....... As Kalee can attest... I breathe really deeply sometimes... So it made it really easy for them to find me..... They said.... I can't see you, but you sound like bear hibernating..... It was so funny....

Starting a new adventure.... Big changes in our district and the ward.... Two more elders in the ward.... So cool!!! It will help the ward a lot.....

We are running from place to place..... I would love to hear from you... But I can't respond again....

I love you so much..... Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Tyson
Some last pictures from Terrassa:


Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission Week 58: I finished reading the Bible!

August 15, 2016



I have learned so much!!! It's interesting that as you finish you see the true beauty of it all. It begins by describing the creation of it all, and ends explaining the grandeur of the Celestial kingdom of our God! Absolutely wonderful. After all of the stories, sacrifices, wars and tribulations, it ends giving hope. The Book describes the plan of salvation, from the beginning to the end!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!!

The work is solid! District is good. Working hard

I sleep with a fleece blanket and a stained pillow... Living the life!!!,

Trying to remember other things but I really can't...

Oh, I ripped my shirt sleeve.... But I sewed it!!! Looks good as new... Almost!!,

Elder Allen is in Gerona... North of Barce.... I will see him tomorrow. For P-Day we went to Barcelona and played soccer as a zone. Elder Muñoz cut my hair.... And it came out a little too long... So we went back the next day and took a little off....

Love you!!!
Elder Tyson

Mission Week 57: Generating Heat like a small Star!

 August 8, 2016

Dearest loved ones,

The weeks are really flying by! As much as I love you, I feel
like we just talked yesterday!!!!! It's so crazy!!!!!!

Just a few updates before I tell you about the week....

I have officially sweated through all of my shirts.... Still wearable,
but no Bueno..... It's hot #IsThatShirtWhiteOrYellow

I have officially hit 13 months in the mission #ButWhoseCounting

I am happy #GoodNewsOfTheGospel

I have broken my nail biting habit.... Woot woot!!! #BuiltInBackScratcher

If I was allowed to grow a beard, it would be really long, really fast

Elder Muñoz is my friend #Fredo

The Book of Mormon is still true #TimeToDustItOffFolks

So there are some updates!!!!!

This week was invite the world week!!!! We had a goal as a mission to
invite 1300 people to be baptized, or 15 every companionship!!!!! It
was so fun, and good to focus on baptism, Elder Muñoz and I invited
everyone we saw!!!! It was cool!!!!!

The miracle we saw this week was with N., an investigator who has
really been into that voodoo, and black magic stuff. Elder Muñoz and i
shared chapter 26:23-31 of 2 Nephi with her. It went súper well. We
focused on how the Lord works in the light, and how he condemns those
activities that are just used to trick people. It was powerful. The
Lord invites all to come unto him in that scripture, and that's what
we did. She agreed to be baptized when she gets back from vacation!!
We are so excited for her!!!!

That's about it.... Today we went down to the Rambla in Barcelona and
got some stuff for Elder Muñoz and I conquered the lion!!!!! The same
lion from like ten months ago!!!!! Boom!!!!

And that's it!!!!!! Love you tons!!!!!

Elder Tyson

Friday, August 5, 2016

Mission Week 56: Kalee called to Brazil, Londrina!

Monday, August 1, 2016


I HAVE ALREADY PRINTED OUT A MAP OF YOUR MISSION AND AM SHOWING IT TO EVERYONE!!!!! Member, nonmember, everyone!! I am so happy for you Kalee, I watched the video of you opening, and I can't lie, I was pretty emotional. And impressed, when I opened my call, I was balling like a baby, you kept it together.... Hahaha

This week was really rewarding for us. I felt the Spirit so strong throughout the week. I said things, promised things, and testified of things that I was expecting to say, but it seemed to fit perfectly. As I have been more focused on why I am here, the Spirit has been magnifying me.

Big news folks..... I have been eating healthier!!!!! And not just by force when members feed me!!!!! I found some frozen meals that I like that are full of vegetables and I am addicted..... I feel a lot better.... More energy, not empty fullness... If that makes sense.... Sure I am still a chubbers.... I like my desserts, but I am also liking the healthy life.....

Speaking of Desserts, I figured out how to profeta the brownies.... Because the ovens are the worst here.... I have tried different things and finally figured it out..... It's complicated to explain, but bomb!!!!!!!

This week we fasted with our investigator L. over her decision to get married, and at the end of the fast she posted a picture on Facebook in front of the church and said, "my first test from the Lord, passed!" A member showed us and we were so proud of her. She kept calling us and telling us how hungry she was but she was holding on..... We are meeting with her tomorrow to see how it went!!! So great!!

Elder Muñoz and I have been inviting everyone to be baptized lately and we are excited, we have some great people getting ready for this month!!!!

Is week in district meeting we talked all about listening!! It was so great.... In preach my gospel it talks about how we need to watch gestures as well, so we had to play charades to practice!!!! Hahaha, it was so funny to see them try to act our Michael the Archangel!!!!!!! Gold!!!!

We had interviews with President this week!!!! So great..... He challenged us to use family history everyday.... And we are really catching the spirit of Elijah!!! Hahaha.  He talked a lot about Joseph Smith..... we talked about training, and how I feel...... he thanked me for my service....  he said that he never has problems with Elder Tyson ... for now.... I told him.... he just chuckled that surgeon chuckle.... like he just made a pun in surgery..... it was good!

Anyways, great week, full of the spirit!!!! Loved every second of it!!!!!!!

Elder Tyson

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mission Week 55: Anxiously awaiting Kalee's Mission Call!!!!

July 25, 2016
Hey family,

First I sent a package today!!!! It will be coming to grandmas house!!!!!

But this week was good, birthday parties, Cuban festivals, and finally an investigator with a baptismal date!!!!! Woohoo!!!! We are so excited!!!!

It is super hot here, but we are fighting!!!! 

I feel bad, I don't seem to have much to say.... I am really sweaty right now... And maybe that is partly why....

It was a simple week, we are growing the area, and had lots of help with members this week!!!!

Solid week.... Great week.... And that's it!!!!! 


This next few months are all months of independence for every country, so elder Muñoz and I bought some Cuban revolutionary hats, and saw a lot of Cuban cigars!!!


Our investigator is named J..... She from...... SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA!!!!!!!!! Boom, fate.... Crossing missions!!, hahaha.... She was so excited to hear that Zach served there..... She wants to get baptized on her birthday in a couple of weeks.... She wants her son to be grow up to be a missionary.... She told us that she had a dream that men in white shirts and ties taught her the gospel, and helped her get back to God..... What a coincidence!!!!!
EVERYONE SAYS I LOOK JUST LIKE DAD, AND I JUST THINK, I AM FREAKING HOT!!!!! Haha, just like he would say!!!! I love hearing that, spitting image of my pops!!!! I think it's the squints why I smile.... My companion always tells me that he thinks it's me in the pictures!!!

Love you!

Elder Tyson

Mission Week 54: July 18, 2016 "Sure, I would love a second plate of rabbit!!!" AND our friend Oreo?

 July 18, 2016


Here is little Elder Tyson, living the dream in the mission of
Champions, and what a week it was folks. Some intense moments,
dropping the hammer on investigators, teaching the Word of Wisdom,
eating Rabbit, being insulted on a bus, finding a naming a pet hamster
that wondered onto our balcony, giving amazing investigators to the
sisters, eating a famous paella that has won a Spain competition seven
years running, finishing the Gospels of the New Testament, hearing of
a Man's reformed Bible, his vision of EVERYTHING, and his plan to save
the world. (And if you call now, we will include a second magic bullet
free, just pay shipping and handling)

And almost all, will be explained in the email to come, so buckle up
friends, and hold on to your children, because this is going to be a
wild ride!!!!

Yes I ate rabbit, and an amazing paella. Rabbit is very popular. I
loved it, in reality, tasted like chicken,  the downer, tons of bones.
But it was great!! Thumper just couldn't say something nice, but he
sure tasted nice!!!!

The insults on the bus were hilarious, this old man was just telling
us how sick he was of seeing us all of the time. We just told him we
didn't understand Spanish and got off the bus. He was very frustrated.
He needs the Gospel.

The story about the man and his reformed bible, can't be done justice
in email. I will tell the details back in the states..... I have it on
the recorder!! Hilarious.

Finally Oreo, our pet hamster..... Here is the scoop. We get home last
night and our neighbor comes by and says, "hey you better get your
hamster, he got out" we were like, what hamster? He said he saw it on
our balcony, and he has a cat so we should be careful. We assured him
that we had no hamster but that we would investigate. Then the hunt
was on. I pulled out my voice recorder and a bucket and we went
looking. He was hiding in the corner, all shy and chubby. We coaxed
him out, and we put him in a box. Our piso is connected with three
other balconies, it wasn't ours, or the other two neighbors, and the
other didn't answer. So we couldn't just leave him, all though my past
life would say other wise. To me it was a mouse, and we needed a
shovel and the back mountain.... But we gave him a name, and resolved
to hold onto him for the night, search for the owner the next day, and
if not, give him to a member to be the ward mascot!!!! We took some
selfies.... Attached....... But the owner came. He was in the
shower.... He said his four year old was devastated, to lose pearl......
Pearl.... His name is Oreo...... It was like my best friend was
moving..... Sure, it was only two doors away, but we had grown such a
bond..... I hope that we can still visit.... He was like a son to
me...... But we press on...... Anyways.....

While it had its ups and downs, it was a satisfying week..... Can't do
it justice in an email.... But I hope you caught a glimpse of a goofy
elder in Terrassa.....

Elder Tyson

P.S. This by no means signifies that I want a hamster, or any other
pet..... Yuck.