Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mission Week 73: November 28, 2016

Dear Familia,

     This week was marvelous! It was a blessing to serve here in Valencia this week. We had many experiences that helped us to learn and to grow. We saw a father get persecuted for his faith by his own wife. We saw a woman openly say and feel indifferent about breaking a commandment. We saw a woman who lost her husband and has been looking for a church that can help her. We found an investigator that had been lost for a month now prepared for baptism. We saw a child decide to take the step of baptism for this weekend. We saw the zone flourish as we strived and hit a big finding goal. We saw district leaders push and support their districts. We saw problems solved and plans made. We saw a zone come together to celebrate Thanksgiving around a table of KFC and finish with riding bikes in the park, in the rain. We saw the members of our ward come together and sit with all of our five investigators in church. We saw a lot of rain. We saw a fearless member contact with us in whatever weather we found ourselves in. We saw the hand of the Lord. We saw miracles!
     C.  has his baptism planned for this Sunday. He is L.'s son, and he is fighting for his fecha. L.'s wife is a strong member of her congregation, and when he told her we were coming over to teach the children, she told him that we could not come by. He asked her what the problem was and she said she didn't like how he was in another church. At first she supported him, thinking it was a joke, but when we kept coming she saw that he was serious. I was almost in tears as he explained that he didn't understand. The Gospel was supposed to help families, not separate them. His eye were red and I could see the hurt in his eyes. He came down to meet us and we did not know what to say. This man was doing what was right, trying to help his family find the truth, and his wife was attacking for it. We asked if the children could come down to talk with us, and he he would try.
      He came down with C. and we began talking. We asked where the daughters were and he told us that they would make to much noise, he had to bring him without the wife hearing. My heart almost broke. He had to sneak his son down to hear our message. On Sunday L. was ordained to the priesthood. His son said he really wanted to get baptized and L. told us he would do all he could to convince his wife for permission. This family is fighting. We know it has been a great miracle to meet with them, and we hope the Lord will soften his wife's heart.
     Elder Sedgwick and I are on fire! We are really pushing ourselves to the maximum. I am known to talk a lot at night, but every night this week, when my head hits the pillow, I am asleep. It is fantastic. We had an incredible week in all aspects. Our teaching pool is big, we are finding lots, and loving every minute of it. Elder Sedgwick is the hardest worker I know, and one of the smartest. He also knows how to carry out the plans he sets for himself and the zone. We are doing wonderfully.
     We had a zone activity today. We invited the whole zone out for a Thanksgiving feast. We brought KFC and every piso brought a dessert! It was so great to get together and celebrate a great week and start the Christmas season. After, although it was raining, we rented bike cars for four people and went through the park in Valencia. Through the Arts and Sciences, and beyond. The zone seemed to love it.
     We are teaching many people at the moment, but I will save them for next week!
     The new assistant is Elder Merrill a missionary a group before me. He is a good man.
     For service we teach English, and we are always asking to do odd jobs. No one seems to take us up on it.

Love you lots, have a great week

Elder Tyson

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