Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 12-Talking to EVERYONE!!!

This week has been a miracle. I have no other words to describe it. We have seen so much success. I know it has been due to our exact obedience one night.

We were walking down the street one night, and Elder Caetano said, "Alright Elder, let's talk to everyone." 
We started talking with people and in an hour and a half we found five new investigators. Truly a miracle. 

The next day we tried it again and we set an amazing fecha with a woman who was so excited to read the Book of Mormon. That same day we met a woman and just told her how much God loved her. It made me think of Zone Conference how we talked about slowing things down and teaching with clarity. I could feel her spirit as she came to fully realize that she is a daughter of God.

My Spanish is coming along great. I finally feel confident that I can say what I want and with power.

I feel so blessed. I have truly received the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that when we are obedient, we see miracles.

 I wasn't transferred and neither was my companion, which is great. I think I am figuring this out.

A few things

First of all... Never go to Mr. Mac. One of my pant legs was hemmed and the other wasn't. They are two different lengths... Super funny, but weird looking.

Also, I have a pretty funny story from this week.
We were walking down the street the other day and this super drunk guy comes up to us and says, " Elders, I love you, give me God." We tried to be nice but just kept walking. Like three minutes later he comes running down the middle of the street yelling, " Elders" he said he only wanted a pass along card, so we gave it to him and he was satisfied. It was hilarious. He almost got hit by a car.

One of the zone leaders in my piso is the new ayudante. His name is also Elder Dunn. We are excited for him.  Anyways, for preparation day, I did all the dishes. Then we went to the train station to see all the transferring missionaries. Couple from my group. So great to see them!
 I am excited for General Conference, except we are only watching three sessions here, and I don't know which ones and when the apostles will be called, so I hope I find out. I didn't find out that Elder Scott died until an elder told me like three days later.

Also, on a political note. Catalunya voted to be a separate country yesterday, and the parties were in favor but the people weren't.
The ward is great! We have a standing eating appointment every Sunday with some members. 

I am just doing my best. The Lords doing the rest. I am so happy though.  I am so blessed!
September Zone Conference in Hospitalet

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 11: Hospitalet


Sorry I am such a horrible son, I forgot to tell you last week that we had zone conference yesterday so preparation day is today. Also, because next week is transfer week, preparation day will be on Tuesday again. Just a heads up. Once again sorry.

I found crust less bread.... Oh my gosh, I am addicted. Bread balls for days.

Have you gotten my package yet???

I found out that my area is the smallest one in the mission. Super awesome. I absolutely love my area.

My Spanish is getting so much better. I had to give a talk on Sunday on missionary work. I was so nervous. I will send it to you so you can have it. The ward was really nice, they said my Spanish was really good.
Zone Conference was pretty fun. 
We have had pike macho, delicious rice, beans, empanadas, chicken, beef, French fries. That's the interesting thing, they have so many influences. They get the fries from England and everything else from South America. Plus the Indian food as well. Super great!
The ward is great, they feed us all the time! We have family home evenings almost every night!
We have met a ton of people. But they all live in the hermanas area. So we have one solid investigator and we dropped A. for real this time. He just isn't ready, but he came to church. Super strange.
We played sports at the church for preparation day... Fun... Sweaty... But fun.. Haha
I love my mission! I have to go.... I will talk to you next Tuesday.... I love you so much!

Elder Tyson

Here is Elder Tyson's talk from this past Sunday in his ward:

Buenas tardes hermanos y hermanas

Mi nombre es Elder Tyson, yo soy de Estados Unidos .... En Utah... O
la fabrica... . Y Hospitalet es mi primer área. Estoy muy agradecidos
a estar aquí y siervo con ustedes. También, estoy muy animado por la
oportunidad tengo que hablar con ustedes hoy

Me gustaría enfocar mi discurso en la obra misional, pero, pienso que
ustedes son muy buenas misionaros. Gracias por nos ayudan en
construyendo el reino de Dios. Los misionaros no pueden hacerlo sin
ustedes. Hoy, quiero enfocar en como nosotros podemos ser misionaros
por medio de nuestros ejemplos.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dijo, "Lo más importante es que podemos vivir
el Evangelio. Ciertamente no hay mensaje misional más poderoso que
podamos enviar al mundo que el ejemplo de una vida Santo de los
Últimos Días amorosa y feliz. La manera de actuar y de conducirse, la
sonrisa y la bondad de un fiel miembro de la Iglesia brindan calidez e
interés que ningún folleto misional ni vídeo puede transmitir. Las
personas no se unen a la Iglesia por lo que saben; se unen por lo que
sienten, lo que ven y lo que desean espiritualmente. Los demás verán
nuestro espíritu de testimonio y de felicidad en ese aspecto, si se lo

El evangelio de Jesucristo es de felicidad. Cuando estamos jugando
deportes, o hablando con nuestros amigos, o simplemente caminando en
la calle, la gente nos miran porque, tenemos la luz de Cristo en
nuestros corazones. La personas quieren tener esa felicidad y cuando
mostramos este luz, oportunidades a compartir nuestros testimonios y
el evangelio puede pasar.

Es no muy fácil a compartir el evangelio con nuestros amigos. Nosotros
tenemos miedo porque si ellos no aceptan nuestro mensaje, pensamos que
ellos no quieren ser nuestros amigos... Pero, cuando nosotros les
enseñamos con nuestras actitudes, obras, y decisiones, somos

Cuando los hijos de mosiah estaban saliendo por sus misiones, el señor
les dio algunas instrucciones. El dijo en alma 17:11,

"Id entre los lamanitas, vuestros hermanos, y estableced mi palabra;
empero seréis pacientes en las congojas y aflicciones, para que les
déis buenos ejemplos en mí; y os haré instrumentos en mis manos, para
la salvación de muchas almas."

Antes los hijos de mosiah enseñaron, ellos fueron ejemplos. Podemos
ser instrumentos en los manos de Cristo si vivimos el evangelio antes
compartimos con la gente

Jesucristo es nuestro ejemplo perfecto, en cada historia, el nos
enseña mediante sus palabras, y su ejemplo. El nos dice en 3 Nefi
"Por tanto, quisiera que fueseis perfectos así como yo, o como vuestro
Padre que está en los cielos es perfecto."

Yo no soy perfecto, pero como yo intento a seguir el ejemplo de
Jesucristo en mi vida yo he visto muchas oportunidades a compartir el

Yo sé que la obra misional comienza con nuestros ejemplos. Si nosotros
permitimos la luz de Cristo a brillar por medio de nosotros, tendremos
experiencias de misional. Yo sé que podemos ser misionaros cada día.
Sé que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador, en el nombre de Jesucristo,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission Week 10: Hospitalet

Hey familia!!!!!

I have seen so many miracles in my work this week, mostly in myself, but also in the Hospitalet area also. I think the biggest miracle that I have seen has been in my language skills. I have taught with much more clarity and focus. I know that the Spirit has been guiding my words. I have taught many parts of The Restoration this week, and I am learning how to not only teach the points in Spanish, but ask questions and understand the answers given to me. It has been such a great miracle for me.

Elder Caetano has helped me all along the way. I admire his genuine kindness. I can tell he really loves the people. He does little things to make people feel loved, like giving a child a sucker, or a new convert a gift. He wants to show the people that he loves them and cares about the things that are important to them.

We met Andriodis and Lady this week and set a fecha with them for the 26 of September. They are great people. They both want to find the truth, and I am so grateful that the Lord is trusting us to bring it to them. We decided to take Antonio to another baptismal service, and set a date with him also for the 26, we are going to pass by everyday to make sure he reads and prays... I think seeing the amount of friends he can have in the church really got to him... I think he is finally ready to take that step.

This week in training we focused on working with members. We are building our ward little by little. We are trying to help them see that the first converts in their ward need to be them. We watched all of the District videos regarding Ward Council and working with members and I think we can really make a difference here.

I have realized that there are two types of birds here... Pigeons, and parrots. There are parrots everywhere, a beautiful green color. It's so awesome! We can't drink the water here... Too much calcium... So we buy tons... It's like South America here... The people are all from there tambien.

Hey I was curious about my plaque for my mission... Is our ward doing that still? No big deal, just wondering...

Food for thought, in Spanish chiste is joke and chisme is gossip... Just saying... Very similar.

So, I told elder Caetano that I won't write you guys until it's at least 6:00 am there, so you guys can sleep. Also he loved the gifts you gave me, and was wondering where his were... Hahaha...

So for preparation day we woke up at 4:30 and hiked a mountain above Barcelona , these are the pictures, after we found this awesome swing that I swung on. I am also sending some other funny pictures.

I gained a real testimony of attitude this week. I can control the things I can control. I can't control the Bishop, members, or investigators, I can only control how I help them to come unto Christ. It's helped me realize that I need to respect the Agency of others but do all I can to invite them to Come Unto Christ.

Love you so much

Elder Tyson

I love that Elder Caetano is kind and generous with people.  That is very sweet.  He sounds alot like how you are when it comes to generosity and kindness. What a great quality

How are you doing with food?

My zone is great! Have you gotten my package yet?? All I know is my area is a little box of buildings. No grass. I hear other areas have grass though.
Oh we get fed every day. It is the bomb! The food is so good. We have delicious South American dishes, Except ñoki. It's this potato pasta stuff. Oh I wanted to die. But other than that...Super delicious!!!! Seafood, and mayo... I eat it all... Truly have the gift of tongues.... Haha.
I was reading Elder Jonson's blog and he talked about a ward activity where they flooded the area with El Libro De Mormon. Were you involved in that? 
Ya, I was a part of the activity. It was so fun. I was with a member and he was a firecracker. We found like three people in that one hour! The work has been tough though. On Friday, we want tracting for 6 hours and not one person listened to us... Super humbling!
It's super great when we teach, but everyone lives outside of our area. We find referrals for the hermanas every day.
I am reading the Book of Mormon again, and the New Testament. I just started Acts. And I am in 1 Nephi chapter 16. I am trying to read it in Spanish.  It's slow going.
One of my favorite principle to teach is prophets. I think members take them for granted sometimes. But seriously, God speaks directly with these men. Something that hadn't happened until Joseph Smith. Pretty amazing!
 Mom, you would love the style here I am sending some pictures from some of the shops here!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tender mercies and Bro. Manwaring!

This week Bro. Bryan Manwaring, the first counselor in our bishopric, traveled to Barcelona on business. He arrived in Barcelona, Sunday, September 6, just before Elder Tyson's Sacrament Meeting. We feel so  blessed that Bro. Manwaring was able to connect with Kade! Here are some of the pictures that Bro. Manwaring took:

Here are our emails with Elder Tyson today (9/7/15):

Folks, this week has been crazy awesome... Tons of new people to teach... I have truly learned a lesson of exact obedience... some nights it would be easy to wrap up our work at 9:30 (in Elder Tyson's mission they work until 10 pm).... Not go to piso (apartment), but just walk around until ten... But I know that's not a good way to use my time... So I keep talking to people, it's really hard.  A lot of our new investigators have come from those last few minutes... And I know that it's the Lord blessing us for our obedience.... Sunday was a fantastic day, I was challenged in ward council to share my testimony in sacrament meeting, and my Spanish was money... It's really coming along... President and his wife were there, and that was awesome.... Then walks in Bro. Manwaring... Talk about tender mercies.... It was so nice to talk with him... And get those gifts.... I have had to guard the Mac and cheese... Haha.... It has just been a great week of learning.... I love you tons!!!!!

Elder Tyson

 Ah Kade, we are so proud of you. Obedience is the key! Keep it up and the Lord will keep blessing you! Tender mercies! That is exactly what mom and I said about Bro. Manwaring being able to find you! Good job bearing your testimony. Your Spanish will keep improving as you have courage and use it fearlessly!

 Bro. Manwaring said that you were translating for someone in your ward on Sunday. Was that someone you are teaching? Any great teaching or finding stories from this week?

He is a recent convert of the sisters. But nothing super interesting. We went to ward family night, and they asked if anyone had a game, so I taught them cruise ship. We played like ten rounds. They loved it. We went to a member's home for lunch and I showed their kids ton of magic tricks. It was awesome to get back to my roots! There was another member I was translating for that is going through a really tough time. I had to sit and translate his welfare problems to the bishop after church. I could barely do it without crying. It's so hard to see the crazy poverty. I felt so bad. I wanted to give him all my money. But the bishop was really great and is giving him help. It's was so difficult being there. But I felt God's love for his children.

Oh that is so sad.  I'm sorry that you have to hear those harsh realities in people's lives but at the same time, I love that you see the workings of the Lord, the priesthood and the church.  We belong to a church that reaches out and rescues and dad and I agree, it is so hard to know but it has strengthened our testimonies over and over of God's love.

The translating was fine. It is just so hard. I see people begging on the streets everyday. And I can't give them money. It's so hard.

Everyone from my MTC group has to go to Madrid tomorrow to do residency stuff! It is a quick trip. We will be back by 7 pm tomorrow night.

It is heartbreaking to watch people suffer. Poverty is more than I can bear...

I think it is why I like to drive through places where we see poverty to always remember our blessings, to be compassionate, to reach out and lift... Poverty is not just money.

I hope you will work hard in life to always help ease the pain of others... and especially be generous in love because sometimes that is the most we have...
We took those pictures of the fountain today. That's where we went for preparation day. I also went to Dominos on Saturday. That girl in the pic just had her one year anniversary for her baptism, so we had all you can eat Dominos... So delicious... Haha....

Hey, well I have to go... I love talking with you... I tell my companion that we can't start writing until two... So I know you all are awake... Keep reading the scriptures... Be looking for my package.... Love you so much!