Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mission Week 24: Manacor


We are litterally so excited for Chritmas!!!!!!!!!

We had Zone conference this week. It was so amazing!  President just teaches with so much power. It was a truly inspired message on the Atonement.

This week has been so amazing. I have seen so many miracles. not only did our numbers almost double in all aspects, but we had so many unexpected miracles this week. This week the biggest miracle we saw this week was when we went to a little pueblo, S´illot. We wanted to do pass by`s but the first visit fell through. we were pretty discouraged. we did not want to spend the money to get there to not see any of our investigators. We went to a menos activos home, and they were both there, we were able to set up a future visit. what an amazing miracle. Then as we walked farther down the street we went into a little fair in the town central and found one investigator and two menos activo families. How amazing. We were able to set up return visits with each one. we feel so blessed. We knew that our planning wasn't in vain, and when we are doing the Lord's will, He will always take care of us. 

Elder Allen is so great. He is such a powerful teacher. He invites the Spirit so quickly and strongly its impossible for our investigator not to feel it. I learn from him everyday. He is such an amazing representative of Jesus Christ, I feel so blessed to be his companion.


(In a previous letter Kristy asked Kade about his strengths)

I dont know what my strengths are. I guess I am good at connecting with people and the lessons to them. I love finding similarities in their lives and in the gospel. I also believe its important to establish a firm relationship so the invitations can be bold and out of love. I try to get people laughing all the time, then i testify. It's so powerful when we committ our friends, not investigators. Also, I think I am good at street contacting. It's important to build on common beliefs, but then people think they don't need your message, they think they already have it. So, I have gottten good at focussing on the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon. Oh, I love the Book of Mormon!! It has so much power! I am really trying to become a scholar in the scriptures. I feel so blessed. I took them for granted before the mission, but not anymore. I am memorizing one a week now.

We build a strong Bible base and reaffirm everything in the Book of Mormon. I personally like showing them that the Bible testifies of everything we talk about as well. Then when they say that's just my interpretation, I just remind them of why the Book of Mormon is so essential. Then I use the same principle from the Book of Mormon, and commit them to read it, to know for themselves. I don't want them to just trust me... I want them to try it.
I spoke in church last week. It was great. I spoke on what gifts we can give Christ this year.

Love you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mission Week 23: Manacor!


Manacor!!!!!! I am so excited to be here! You have no idea. It's so beautiful here. Before I said that I couldn't live in Barcelona, well I could live here. I have been so blessed to be able to come here. Sorry I wasn't able to write much last week, just to let you know, next week I will write you on Tuesday as well, and will figure the Skype plans!!!!!

I am so excited to see you all, it's insane...

Today for preparation day, we went and hiked this beautiful mountain with an ancient castle at the top, it was so beautiful.

This is the best part, Elder Hamren and Elder Reddish are both in my district again. My two best buds from the MTC. We are so excited to be serving here together... And on the islands!!!! There are lots of missionaries out here. One companionship per branch.

What an amazing week! It was my first week in Manacor with Elder Allen and he is just amazing. He has such strong desires to serve Christ and be obedient, it's contagious. I am already learning so much from him and so excited to be here in Manacor. He is from Pleasant View, Utah.

Elder Tyson & Elder Allen
One miracle I saw this week was in the streets contacting. We were walking and talking and we decided to change the tactic in which we contact. The next person we spoke with really opened up an he became a new investigator. It reminded me that we are supposed to teach people and not lessons, not only in visits but in the streets as well. What an amazing miracle.

I am so excited to be here, the branch is fantastic. We had our ward Christmas party this week, and it was so great to get to know them, and help them get to know me.  For the Christmas party they tried to have a dinner and a talent show, but only the youth did a talent. We helped and did a dance. It was fun. After they just ate and played just dance, and I shared a spiritual thought. It was a blast! I really got to show my personality to these members. I love them so much! This Gospel is so personal, and if we don't establish relationships with these people we are never going to see success. They are all so humble and we are exciting to get this city rolling with missionary work.
This area has tons of tourists in the summer. There is a town that dies when it gets cold. It's a ghost town. All these people are native to here. They all speak Mayorquin which is just Catalan. A. GOT BAPTIZED in Hospitalet. I'm SO EXCITED for him!
Oh I did get one package, from Deseret Book. I kind of opened it. Sorry. I had no idea. Thank you so much for that Book of Mormon! It is so cool. I am already going to work on it. It's the best!

I will send pictures of my apartment next week... It's cute.

I hope all is well with the family. How goes the Christmas traditions, is everyone getting pumped?? Well I can't wait to here from you.  Love you!!!

Elder Tyson

Here are some other pictures Elder Tyson sent of his last week in Hospitalet.

Elder Tyson & Elder Latteier-Great Friends!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mission Week 22: Transferred to Manacor!


 It's been very bitter sweet. 

This week I have truly learned the power of God's love. It was incredible for me to see how much I truly love these people. God has allowed me to take a glimpse into how much he loves these people. They are all children of God. It was so hard for me to leave but I know the Lord has a bigger plan for me.

The biggest miracle we saw this week was A. He is so prepared and is getting baptized this Saturday. We had the opportunity to teach him all of the commandments and he is either already living them, or is preparing to. He has been such a miracle for us. As sad as I am not to see his baptism, I know that he is making the best choice and this is an amazing step in his life.

I personally saw another miracle this week. The entire time I have been serving in this area my goal has been to give a blessing in Spanish, I have been very afraid and Un-confident because I know how important they are. My last night we were saying goodbye to a member and she asked me for a blessing. My heart was so full. Even in my imperfect Spanish I could feel the Spirit pour through me as I exercised my priesthood. It was incredible. I have such a strong testimony that God has a plan for us and that he is aware of everything that we are going through.
Elder Latteier and I are sad, we had so many plans for Christmas and everything.


Well, I have to catch a plane... I will talk to you next week... love you!!!!

Elder Tyson
We received some new pictures from a family in Spain this week.
Elder Stratton & Elder Tyson

Islands of Mallorca

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mission Week 21: L'Hospitalet

This has been a fantastic week. We have been teaching A., who has a fecha (date) for the 11th of this month. He has such strong support from his family who are all members. We are making plans and Preach my Gospel has been teaching me so much about how we can better teach him.

With this week being being Thanksgiving I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for. First, my Savior Jesus Christ. I have come so close to Him and serving this mission has helped me come so closer to Him. We were welcomed so many members this week that wanted to eat with us in honor of the holiday. I am so grateful for our ward here. The members are so strong and supportive. we love spending time with them and helping them become better missionaries.

This week we helped a sister in our ward move. What a great experience seeing the burden of this task ease off of her shoulders. I really learned a lesson about service. If Jesus Christ was here, he would be serving at every opportunity.

Elder Stratton is great. I have literally learned so much from him, he would do great in any area, he is definitely building ours. I have been so blessed to get to work with such a great missionary.
Today we went and went bike riding around the Sagrada Familia cathedral. It was so cool we had such a blast. we rode all over, weaving through cars and buses!!!!

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Hey so I got a package!!!!! It was Lucky Charms and Goldfish!!!!! So one suggestion with the packages, please address it, Kade Jay Tyson, without the Elder. I had to go to correos (post office) to pick it up and they almost didn't give it to me because my passport doesn't say Elder. I got it but just a thought.

I should get the package from Patti soon. I am so excited!
Hey so Elder Latteier loved the Goldfish.... ha ha.... he said he would be a happy camper if he was eating a bag... ha ha.... only joking... but not really.

I ate potato salad and liver and intestines this week.... mayo!!!!!!

I bought myself a Bluetooth keyboard. it is super nice and I am using it right now... ha ha.....
Preparation day changed because the Zone Leaders had a conference yesterday and we wanted to be with them.

Next week is transfers so my preparation day will be on Tuesday as well.
Our numbers are much better, much more lessons with members, fantastic! The Church's new Christmas video
is so cool, we pass out cards and share it all of the time. We are having a missionary activity this week... MEET THE MORMONS, its going to be so great!!!! We cant wait!!!!
We are so excited for Christmas. We are planning the decorations! I am loving serving the Lord... it makes me so happy.
I hope is all is well with the family!!!!
Elder Tyson 

Some pictures Elder Tyson sent this week:

Elders Tyson & Latteier

Drinking Mate

Elders Tyson & Latteier