Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission Week 16: Hospitalet

Hey family,

This week has been so great. My companion had his birthday this week. It was so fun. I bought him a Frozen cake and a little pig piggy bank. I got a letter saying that our packages from Patti were stuck at customs, so we should get them soon. I'm so excited to get the package from her! I hope they come before my companion goes home. Thanks Patti!

I HAVE A FRIEND! Elder Latteier is in my piso and we are such good friends. We are both praying that I stay here through Christmas so that we can be together. He went to Cottonwood, and we are so tight. 

This week my companion and I worked really hard to find new investigators and meet with menos activos in our ward. Unfortunately, our numbers don't reflect our effort. We are working so hard and I know we are being blessed.

We gave our investigator A. his last chance this week To accept our message like I was advised in my interview with president. He still isn't ready to accept the gospel, but still wants to come to church. The Spirit was so powerful in the lesson. He just said that he wasn't ready to do it so we told him that we would continue inviting him to activities and church, and when he felt he was ready, we would always be there for him.

D. is really making progress. She said that she had talked with three of the four people that she needed to, to change her schedule for work, and they all agreed. We only had a minute to talk to her, and so hopefully next time we can talk about finding a new place of work so that she come to church.

We were challenged in interviews this week to read the New Testament. So I have started studying the New Testament and loving what I am learning. I was thinking about the Atonement and was thinking about why it was needed. Christ had to suffer for our sins so that we could be clean, but why suffer for all of our pains if they weren't required for salvation? He did it because he loves us. He wanted to help us not only overcome sin, but also become stronger through trials. I am so grateful for my perfect brother saving me in every moment.

Elder Caetano had his birthday this week. He was so great with the members and being so gracious. He is such a great people person, I am learning so much from him everyday.
Today for preparation day we went to a locotorio for our package stuff.... After this we are going with a member to a tie place and he is going to buy us some ties.... He is super great.
Mom you would be so proud. Today we went shopping for food, and I stayed like perfectly in budget, so I did a little cheer, and the cashier started laughing. His name was Alberto, so I said, "Alberto, gracias, used Es una buena persona." He was laughing so hard at some weird American. The other elders started laughing at me and so I said, "Que? Alberto y yo somos amigos, no?" He smiled and said give me five. We had a big high five and I walked feeling so happy.  It was so goofy and for a split second but I knew I made his day. It reminded me of how we always used our waiters name and Fritz on the river in Wyoming, oh Fritzy!
We have like three senior couples here. I am pretty sure the next import of missionaries is like thirty five. Huge!  I am excited. The fresh blood is really good for the mission.
 After seeing so many old church videos, I am getting obsessed with the style from the nineties. Light color jeans, white shoes, tucked in t shirt with a braided belt. That's who I want to be! Boom. Bringing it back. hahaha

Hey well I have to skidaddle. Have a great week. Love you!!!!!!

Elder Tyson

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mission Week 15-Hospitalet

I have felt so great this week, I finally feel like I am overcoming the language barrier. I am so blessed to have Elder Caetano leaded me and helping me in this wonderful work in the Lord. I feel like I have such a great grasp on the language and I know it's because the Lord is blessing me. I have tried to be more disciplined with my language study this week and I have seen amazing results. I truly have a testimony of D&C 82:10, "10 I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."

The more I strive to be obedient the Lord blesses me. I even had the opportunity to share a message in a ward activity this week and it went so well. I didn't feel like I was translating words in my head all of the time, but that the right words were just flowing through me. Amazing gifts of the Spirit.

This week we did a lot of building the less active members in our ward. The people have been so kind, we are trying to remind them of that love they have for the Gospel. We had great practices in District meetings and I know that we are turning this area into something spectacular. I have sent the hand of the Lord in everything I do, specifically fasting. I just felt so engulfed in the power of the spirit. I am grateful for that opportunity.

So apparently, I have tons of mail waiting for me in the office so i can't wait to see what stuff I have... So excited

Halloween in Spain is like the same, just more chill...

This week in our area they had the alley on steroids. Usually it's just on Sunday's but this weekend it was the whole two days. They closed down a major street and people went crazy. There was even a stage with a fashion show. It was so cool everything is so cheap. You would love it here.

Also, I started a new tradition in my piso last night. So everyone in my piso is a leader, except me. So on Sunday's they all have to put in numbers and call people forever, so I made them toasted Nutella and jelly for them while they worked so they didn't have to be hungry. I felt so alive! I loved it. I am already excited to do it next week. They loved it!

 Oh ya it poured rain here. That's those pictures. Also, that is twenty eggs. My piso thought I was crazy but it was so good.

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time last week only looking for the principle of prayer. I learned so much. My prayers are so much more powerful. I am now reading it again and am in 2 Nephi in the Isaiah chapters. I am looking for faith this time and I know I am going to see miracles.

I wish you guys were still teaching mission prep, because I have some deep insights now.  Like, it's a lot harder for me to teach in English than in Spanish now. And praying too. It's so much cleaner in Spanish. I am loving it.

We are teaching, but the progressing is such a different story. The hardest thing is getting people to church. I know that if they just showed up, they would love it. So we are working on that. Also, a lot of people believe that every church is true. Even after we clarify the authority stuff. So we explain that Joseph Smith was a prophet then we are the only true church, and they can only know that if they read the Book of Mormon. Another problem is that they have good friends in their churches, so it's difficult, but great. I love these great people!

We got a new ward mission leader last week. He is a returned missionary who got home in June. He is such a stud, he is the son of the family that invites us to their home every week. His dad is the high priest group leader as well. They are always great to go with us. He also teaches early morning seminary

I love you so much have a great week.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mission Week 14: Hospitalet

Here comes a flood of pictures so be ready.

This week has been so great!!!!! I will try not to miss anything.

So this week we had our Zone Infoque. It's every month and the zone leaders just teach for a while. So like two nights before, they came into my office and said they needed my help. They were presenting a huge goal to the zone and needed ideas to help present it. I was so excited. Billions of crazy ideas came flowing into my mind. I gave them the idea that we should pretend like we are swimming, because the goal was about baptism, so I choreographed the dance, the zone leaders got the candy, and it was so great. We had such a great time!


Also, I got to baptize Marisol this week. I was so nervous but it went great. She loves Hannah Porter and that's why she asked me to do it. It was such a spiritual experience for me. I wanted to just cry and hug her to death, but I am a missionary, so no go on that. Hannah Porter finished her mission in this ward.

We had to postpone Dora's baptism because she didn't come to church yesterday, man I am praying my heart out for that lady.

For preparation day we hiked this mountain up to a cathedral. It was so great there was a road or trail, so we hiked it. On the mountain, right below the cathedral there is a big amusement park, just smaller than Lagoon. These roller coasters are built on the mountain. So cool.
I have started doing interviews with my voice recorder. Asking missionaries questions about their favorite scriptures, our missionary purpose and stuff....It has been so fun, and it's already a hit. Other missionaries have already asked me when is it their turn.

That bread you saw was freshly baked for two euros and it was two for one. Spain really knows how to do bakeries.

I have lost weight, don't exactly know how much. I have my belt on one hole tighter.


It's fiesta here in Spain today, so basically everything here is closed. Maybe they celebrate Columbus as well... Haha....
Well it's that time folks... I love you so much... Thank you for all of the fun things you have taught me, they are really coming in handy. Also, how to just be a happy person... Stay happy and healthy... Tell Allie to write... I miss that little munchkin..... Love you...Thanks for steering me in the right way... Love you once more.

Elder Tyson

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mission Week 13: Hospitalet

This week was so great, I don't know how to just give a summary, so I am going to give you a day to day report. Sorry it might be long, but I didn't want to miss anything.
After preparation day last week I got to take Elder Muncy contacting. His companion went home so he needed a companion so I went with him. It was so great I loved getting to lead my area. It gave me so much confidence. I had to rely on my own Spanish and I did so well, I am really progressing. I really loved it for two reasons. First, I got to see different teaching styles and how I can use some of them to become a better missionary. The other reason was that I really came to appreciate the companion I do have. We actually work so well together. We know each others strengths and weaknesses and we can compliment them. It's so smooth. I was grateful for that reminder.

This was the Lord just giving me a ton of funny stories. 
1. The first one was we met this guy sitting in front of his shop so we starting talking to him. He seemed interested so we started teaching the Restoration. I had just finished reciting Santiago (James) 1:5 perfectly for the first time. I said, "then Joseph went and prayed." Then, he cut me off mid sentence and said, "that's nice, have a great day, adios." I looked at my companion and we both didn't know what to do. He shook our hands and we walked away. It was so awkward and so funny. I died laughing.
2. The second was when we were walking by the health clinic when this guy runs up to us and says, "are you guys the church of Jesus Christ?" We said yes, and he replied, "good, because I am Jesus Christ." My companion politely asked why we didn't know that before, and where he had been. He said that it was a secret, that they hadn't killed him like everyone thought. So my companion asked, "so what should we do about that?" He said we should pray for him because he was going to the clinic. He then threw his cigarette at the floor and walked inside. It was super funny.
3. The last one was at out family home evening with the three wards. We played a game like big bootie but in Spanish. It was so hard, everyone was picking on me because they I knew I couldn't get the phrase right. So I lost super bad. It was so funny, I started changing the phrase to suit how bad I was losing. I had everyone roaring. It was so fun. That's what those pictures are of. Every time someone loses you get a sticker. I got ten....

Thorsday poured rain. I loved it because it cleanses our city. It washes the nasty smells away. A lot like baptism... Haha..... But I realized that my body is finally used to the beating this work does on it. I have gotten used to the grind. It's the best. Everyone drinks a drink called mate here... It's like herbs and hot water in a cup. You sip it from a straw, and only the flavored water gets filtered through. Everyone loves it, but I hate it. It tastes like warm mud to me. Super gross.

This day was a miracle. We got a reference for Dora, from her sister. We went to her house and found out that her entire family is members except her. Her three kids are all members and preparing to serve missions in Honduras. She told us she wanted to be baptized and that she could meet with us everyday to prepare. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she gave it back so we could write our testimonies in it. She wants to remember the missionaries. She is so ready, and we didn't do anything. But I know the Lord is blessing me for our obedience, her baptism is in two weeks.
        Then at our missionary coordination meeting I found out that the hermanas have a baptism next week and that she wants me to baptize her. Apparently someone she knows, knows me. I doubt it, but I am so excited. It will be a experience I will never forget.
        Finally, my favorite story of the week. We went to a menos activos member's home and read Lehi's vision with her. After reading segments, Elder Caetano would clarify and summarize and I would act out the story in her doorway. I used the light as the tree of life, the stairs as the great and spacious building, the stair well for eternal darkness, and I was the characters. It just came to my mind. It was so fun. I truly felt like I was myself again. Using my goofy talents to share the Gospel. I shared powerful testimony on the word of God, and she came to conference on Sunday. She saw me and just started laughing and telling people what I did. I know I made a real connection with her.

These conference days have been the best. I have treasured them so much more. I have learned so many things that are going to help me as a missionary and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The missionaries were all there watching and eating. It was a good time. I missed being at home and having all of the great traditions with the family, but I had such an uplifting and enriching experience. I laughed, I cried, I was filled with the Spirit, and pretzels. When the choir sang the spirit of God, my favorite hymn, I felt so moved by the spirit. Not gonna lie, I shed a tear. I also found out that only ten of the twelve are ever at the conference center at once. That's super cool that the church protects those keys so well. I was so grateful for conference. It was the best. #elderhollandshoutouttomom #elderfostershoutouttodad