Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mission Week 66: October 10, 2016


This week has just been a solid one!!!!! We are seeing all kinds of miracles!!!! Mostly coming from the word of wisdom!!!!!! We have seen great miracles!!!!!

L. has his baptism planned for this week, we are crossing our fingers.... it's kind of like when I did the show Into the Woods. No one was quite sure how it was going to end up, but with a lot of prayer and effort, it all worked out!!! We hope this is his week to break a leg, and not because he slips in the font. We taught the Word of Wisdom, and he told us that he drinks tea every morning. We were helping him understand why tea was wrong, when suddenly the member looks up and says, "brother, you can drink chocolate milk, it is not against the Word of Wisdom." A look of relief passed over L., he seemed so happy that he wasn't breaking the commandments and could keep his chocolate milk. So I ask, "chocolate milk is tea?" And they said yes, they call lots of things tea, even though it isn't... oh the African culture!!!! It was hilarious. It was a great miracle to know that He can still get baptized with a chocolate milk addiction.

The other incessant was with L.E. He is doing great. We taught him the word of wisdom and we set a great plan to help him stop drinking. We hope he can get baptized this month.

I feel so spiritually lifted this week. I feel like I have truly caught the rhythm of the mission. Not to hurt feelings, but I can truly say right now that I do not want to go back to the real world. I love missionary work, and I know a lot of that is due to Elder Christian Spencer Campbell! He is a fantastic missionary and a great companion. He is pushing me to be my best, and I hope that I am helping him do the same! Life is great in Valencia!!!!

For preparation day we went to a store called taste of America!!!!! And they had Pop Tarts!!!!! I bought a box and shared them with our district!!! You can't be greedy when it comes to the good stuff!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that they have the big bag of Krusteez pancake mix on Amazon. Some missionaries have received it!!!!!!

And I will go search out the sword that has caught my eye next week, then we will talk... hahah!!!!

I am currently on a train to Barcelona for a leadership meeting!!!! It will be fun!!!

Last thing!!! I love you so much thank you for everything!!! I am so grateful to be your son!!!! Keep serving strong, and enjoy the new house!!!!

With lots of Spanish besos,
Elder Tyson


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