Thursday, July 30, 2015

This is seriously the best work ever...Week 4

hey yáll..... this is seriously the best work ever.... this week has
been the hardest and the best... this week we started Lava Tuesday
where we are not allowed to touch the floor at all in our room.... it
was so fun... we were using chairs and building bridges with our
ladders, dangerous but fun..... I set up our district ping pong
tournament that will commence tomorrow... we have ghetto stuff but its
pretty cool....

I found out this week that the other districts were
not only afraid of me but thought I was mean.... I
felt crushed.... normally I wouldn't care what other people thought of
me, but here, I am not just me..... here I represent the lord Jesus
Christ.... so I had my companion give me a blessing because I was
really struggling.... and I could truly feel my Savior's love... it
doesn't matter what other people think of you as long as you are doing
your best... the lord loves you...

 I led the music at the park because
apparently I am musically inclined and it was so fun.... music truly
invites the spirit.

 I hope all is well.... getting oodles of
emails from people I would never expect so that's awesome.....
love you guys!!!!

So a visa is only good for 6 months so every year we have to renew our residency to stay in the country..... we were supposed to do it this morning... but our appointment was pushed back.... we went to the DMV.... boring in all countries..... the DMV used to be a medical facility for the prison..... sketch but cool!!!! the stadium was awesome, I will send some pics!!!!

 We go to the temple every week on p-day, not today because we did residency...... classes are long but we are learning a ton... I think we leave for Barcelona on the 18... but not sure.... ya my comp and I had a huge break through... our lessons just slap investigators in the face with the spirit... its so awesome.... the president is such a softie..... its his wife that is a tough cookie, but her cookies are delicious... we get them weekly because of our spotless room.... i memorized the first vision in Spanish and recited it to an investigator and it was so powerful... the spirit was so strong... she said that she thought he was high... so asked her how did she feel not how she thought and the spirit was like cement.... it was beautiful

 The flower you see in my pocket was made by Hermana Lovell (MTC President's wife)... I complimented it and she gave it to me!!!! score!!!!

Kade was able to take a tour of the Real Madrid Soccer Stadium!

 I bought some spanish scriptures with some leather cases... very cool.... my bag is surviving... my companion and I have become very close.... its so hot here!!!!!! sweating buckets!!!!!! but I have lost five pounds..... despite all of the snacks I get from the comedor!!!!

The food still is gross... but today we had chicken Parmesan... the absolute best...its funny, one of my favorite meals is chicken alfredo.... and i hated that at home!!!!!

From DAD:
 How many people are in the MTC now? Do you have any missionaries going to Russia? Have any general authorities been there to visit?

From Elder Tyson:
 no GA´s.... just got some new Russian learners..... we have probably have 45 missionaries.... well I have to go... love you lots.... I pray for you everyday!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unexpected Photo!


This is Ryan (Kade's dad). We unexpectedly saw a picture of Kade and his district on Facebook today. A big thank you to whoever is managing Elder Caleb Barton's Facebook right now. Elder Barton is next to Elder Tyson. We can't wait for Thursday!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 3

 Hey family!!! This has been one long week... finally realizing how
hard this mission is going to be. My companion and I fought  a lot
this week.... I am just selfish, but I am working on it.... we came to
realize how childish we were... the food still struggles but the adventures are crazy.....
today we are going to the Real Madrid Stadium... I am trying to send pictures of my
adventures from last week so hopefully you get them...... our MTC is
being audited by some Provo buffs so everyone is on  their best
behavior!!!!! my Spanish is coming along great... I understood
everything in dad's testimony!!!! I am learning how to speak with
power.... who knew eye contact could go so far..... haha..... I am
really feeling like a representative of Jesus Christ.... with his name
on my shirt I have the authority to do what he would do, say what he
would say.... it brings so much power.... chatting is allowed by the
way.... the people here are so kind... they are always helping with
our Spanish and helping us stay away from bad words!!!! This week has
flown by... I had the opportunity to give a blessing to a sister in my
district and I could feel the   Holy Ghost working through me!!! this
church is so true!!! I cant believe Zach is going back to the Y....
what does Kalee think?  Kiley Fritcher said that he was wearing my
clothes... does he like them.... hopefully they fit haha.... love you
lots  and cant wait to do this for real!!!!!!

Hi Kade,

We miss you tons...

It sounds like you've had quite the week!!!!  Companionships are what I think are the hardest part of missionary life but at the same time, teaches us so much about ourselves and others.. I'm glad you are working things out and trying to improve yourself each day... good job!
 the food still struggled I didn't think that fish was supposed to be grey.... yikes... we had Spanish tortillas though.
 miss you tons... hopefully we can figure this email thing out... sorry to wake you!!!
 You didn't wake me... I just set my alarm starting at 3:30 a.m. for every 1/2 hour so I'm sorry to miss your cute face...this is the best part of the week... we will always love getting online, no matter what time..... I will love looking at these pictures all week, thank you
 these pictures are AMAZING!!!! WOW what a beautiful place,,, love the architecture...
 you look great!!!!

Do you get your haircut there?  it looks great!

Are you able to write in your journal?
ya i have been writing.... they cut the  hair here, all the same!!!!! so i need to let it grow out so that it doesnt look lopsided... jajajajaja
 ok love you so much!!!!! see you!!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Thorsday P-Day Elder Tyson

From Elder Tyson:

Hey!!!! I seriously love it here. The food is pretty gross but i fight
through. I keep telling myself its for the lord. I have become a big
fan of Tabasco sauce to dull the fishy taste!!! lol. I love my
companion, he is and elder from sandy who is going to BYU when he gets
back. The language
is tough but mostly because they are teaching us in a different way.
We have pretend investigators that we teach everyday, and thats how we
learn spanish. Each day we have an hour of grammar class, but other
than that its all trial by fire. The other day we were pretty
discouraged but my teacher said something really profound. she said,
god could have called any spanish speaking missionary in the world.
from  south america, from spain, but he chose us because of our
testimony. It was such a powerful moment!!!! I everything we do here
is centered around our investigators. Its really humbling. I sit down
for personal study and when I open my scriptures I think, what do I
need to read to buils clara, and ismael. Its amazing!!! the spirit
hits me and is always in our lessons. I got your mail!!! thanks for
sending that and for putting that photo album in my bag!!! it made me
so happy to be able to see all of that!! tell the girls I love them
and pray for them Everyday. we went to the park on saturday, we didnt
have much success but i fely the spirit guiding me to his children. i
was able to bear testimony about the book of mormon, and it was
moving. I will be on to chat if you are up. P:S. i was called to be
district leader!

From Kristy:
 Does anyone like the food?

How are you sleeping?

Did I mention that I miss you sooo sooo much?

I am so proud of you!  Sister Lovell (MTC President's wife) says your district is full of great energy...
From Elder Tyson:
 my comp was on the flights with me, so we know each other pretty
well, there is tons of graffiti in this area, the temple is truly a
beacon!!!! as district leader i collect the mail, choose prayers and
go to a weekly meeting, its no big deal, i am planning a district
award ceremony for the last week if i am still the leader... i think
it will be fun!!!
ya the temple is gorgeous, hand woven carpets, we get to go weekly,
so we go to the 3:30 session, luckily its in English... my district
likes the food, and I manage, I sleep well but its so so hot here....
 I put tabasco on everything!!!!! it takes the edge off.... we love
singing in the showers as a district, we belt the song, children
holding hands!!!!
 love you all, got go, and you know, serve the lord!!!! hope all is
well!!! cant wait for next week!!! keep it real!!!

Here is a picture of Elder Z. Tyson at the airport with "flat" Elder K. Tyson.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Note

We received a quick note from Elder Tyson last night at 12:30 a.m. (he's 9 hours ahead of us, so 9:30 a.m. in Madrid). Sister Lovell, the MTC president's wife had a question about one of his immunizations. Here is part of what he had to say:

"Hey mom...this place is amazing... i
will write a full email on thorsday... Love you!!!!"

A short note, but we are so thankful that he is happy! More to come on Thursday.

We will welcome home Elder Zach Tyson on WEDNESDAY from Bolivia!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I made it!!!!!!!

Hey!!!! just got to the CCM. I am so excited!!! we got heavily delayed
and some guys lost some bags, but all is well for me. I got to show
some kids magic tricks on the last plane, it was so cool!!!! I am
already feeling the love of the Lord.... It's been so cool to know
that when anything is wrong i  can just  pray and i know the lord will
provide. We did it multiple times and have already seen our heavenly
father in our lives. Also, british airways is  legit. They have all of
the bells and whistles and because  our flight was delayed, they
offered all of the movie for free.... serious temptation, but we  made
it through. we decided that  to pass the time we would read the entire
book of mormon. we each had  106 pages and it took bothh flights to
do. everyone was so into it, it was awesome. Spain is crazy, driving
is horrible, the speed limit goes from100 to 80 to 50 and back to 100
all in a matter  kilometres...... its so crazy, everyone cuts everyone
off, we got here  and had dinner, chicken quesadillas and salad.....
Lord is already pushing me haha... Hope all is well... Love you so