Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mission Week 51-June 27, 2016

Excited to give another weekly update. This entire week was a miracle. We were in homes, teaching lessons all week. We were shocked when we got to the end of the week. We thought we had a lot of empty time, but as we used our time wisely, we saw miracles and were running from home to home everyday.

It was the same story with entire district. Every companionship was able to meet with almost, if not all, of their investigators. It was a week of teaching and growing our areas. All testified that it was a special week.

We were so excited to see M. accept the Gospel. We taught a great lesson one, and when we asked him to be baptized, he accepted. His mother and brother are members, and his brother served a mission. I love seeing families be completed in the Gospel. We helped him see why his family is a part of this church, and we are excited to continue teaching him!

Elder Muñoz is doing great in training! We learned together that the best way to know the concerns is to ask them to live it, and if they say no, we follow up and find the concern. A great learning experience.

I loved my personal study this week. Reading about the Savior's life helps me feel closer to Him. He was the greatest example of being bold with love. He taught like one, having authority, the scripture says. Not only did he have authority from his father, but when He spoke, He did it with power. He was fearless. I also love how he did so well in applying the teachings to those he taught. He didn't use big vocabulary, or deep doctrine, He taught about sheep, and talents, and things they would understand. Always using scriptures to back him up. I hope that I can become like him and be a master teacher.

And here is my favorite part of the letter.... FUNNY STORIES WITH ELDER TYSON!!!

Here is the scoop, we all know how forgetful I am..... Like super forgetful...... And that I lose things all the time..... Like all the time..... Well this week was no different, worse, actually..... Don't tell the deportation office but this week, not only did I lose my nearly 200 euro train ticket, but also, my residency card, showing that I am legal...... It was rough..... One minute it was in my pocket, and after a fun game of hide and seek with our recent convert's two year old.... It was gone.....

Side note: the game was just in the living room, and I just hid on the other side of the couch.... Both parents were there, nothing sketchy... Elder Muñoz was there as well.. So no worries

Anyways, she was counting very fast, so I had to leap/dive over the couch to hide, and as we were leaving I noticed I didn't have my ticket or my residency card, and we couldn't find it anywhere...... LUCKILY, I said a prayer, so I will find it, maybe today, tomorrow, or the millennium.... But I will find it....

But it doesn't stop there folks..... I also lost our phone this week.... Smooth Elder Tyson..... We were blind for three days.... If you have ever served a mission (after the year 2003) you know that your phone is your life..... You need it to do any work basically..... Confirming plans, making new ones, calling the zone leaders, whatever.... And we were empty.....

Side note: if you served a mission before 2003 it is not to say that you didn't communicate, it's just to say that the cell phone is a lot faster than the telegraph or the pony express mail service... Love you still..... Hehehe

LUCKILY, It had just fallen out of my pocket in an investigators home, and we had to travel to the quinto pino to find it...... (For those greengos that is a saying for very far, love ya).... Hehehe.... But we did find it!!!!! And it was like a symphony, we just kept listening, and pretty soon we start to figure out our part, everyone plays a piece, and there melodies, in everyone of us, IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways... That's my story!!!!
I got some letters today, when we went to the office for my new ticket.... The picture of the house, the jokes, another one, and the one from Kalee..... Thank you!

For preparation day we went to Barcelona and played volleyball with the zone... It was fun!!!

So that's about it!!! Love you!
Elder Tyson


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mission Week 50: Terrassa

 June 20, 2016

This was a great week, full of learning and miracles. My companion and
I are great. We battled the elements and hours in the streets this
week, but we came out on top! It was fantastic. Elder Muñoz is great.
I am learning from him all the time, I am so grateful for a great

For preparation day, we went to Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays!!!! It
was so fun!!!! We saw everything, the press box was a big highlight
for me. With a companion addicted to soccer, it's hard not to love

We had zone conference this week, it was great!!!! We learned a ton.

Also, it poured rain and hailed for about twenty minutes one day.....
It was crazy, and really fun....

 We donated blood..... That was very scary, but very fun...... I can't
wait to know my blood type!!!! The whole ward went. It was awesome!


One of the miracles we saw this week was yesterday. We were walking to
the metro to pick up a member and go to another part of our area, when
I noticed a family sitting on a bench, enjoying the Sabbath. I kept
walking and heard a voice come to my mind and say, "go back and talk
to that family." I shrugged it off. I thought, we will be late if we
don't go now. They will be fine. No pasa nada. The voice came a second
time, then a third. At this point we had well passed them, and I knew
it would be awkward to go back, but I figured that was my punishment
for not listening the first time. I stopped, looked at my companion,
and reluctantly said, "Elder we need to go back and talk to that
family." He happily accompanied me. We took the walk of shame back to
them, I will be eternally grateful that we did. This family embraced
the Gospel. In the few minutes we had to talk to them, we were able to
set up a return visit, and they were excited for us to return.

I don't know exactly what is going to come out of that contact, but I
do know that the Spirit told me to go back. That this full family now
has the chance to hear the Gospel, and if I wouldn't have listened, I
would have denying them the Gospel, and I would have felt awful after.
I hope that the next time I get a prompting like this, I will follow
it the first time and more carefully, to show the Lord I am ready to
be his instrument.

This week in my studies I learned a lot about hope, a Christlike
attribute I am trying to develop. I always thought hope was a broad,
vague concept that was difficult to understand, but in reading Preach
my Gospel, I gained a true understanding of the principle. It says
that hope is manifest through tranquility, optimism, enthusiasm, and
patience. I think that is so true and applicable. When we find
ourselves in a rough spot, we can be calm, and come to terms with our
situation, after we can be positive and desire to be better. Then we
show enthusiasm by doing all we can to better our lives, we don't just
leave it all to the lord, to develop hope, we have to act. To finish,
we need to have patience, and know that after we have done our part,
the Lord will do the rest, in His time, and in His way. I was so
inspired. I tried to come up with an acronym for it.

H- Halcyon
O- Optimism
P- Patience
E- Enthusiasm

I had to look that first one up, but I am pretty sure it means
peaceful. Well that's it for my wild week. Hope you you have a great
week. love you!

Elder Tyson

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mission Week 49: Terrassa

Dear Family-

"Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort
those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God
at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in,
even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with
those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life-"

This scripture in Mosiah was the theme of my week as I truly learned
the meaning of my baptismal covenant. This week we found out that the
son of our recently baptized friends, J. and V., has just
gotten cancer for the second time, in multiple places. It is in his
legs and on his ribs. They don't think he has a high chance of living,
and this family is destroyed. I feel so powerfully the love God has for them 
and this amazing son of God. He was baptized a month before J. and V.
 and was preparing to serve a mission in one year. My heart has been full,
and my spirit has been enlarged as I have done all I can to fulfill my baptismal
covenants in standing with them in all things.

You really realize how much you love these people when you see them
pass through trials like this. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father
put them in our path last month. I know this trial will be a faith
builder if they will turn to the Lord. Right now, they are looking to
us for answers, and we are looking to the Lord. I am so grateful for
the plan of salvation in my life, and the knowledge we have of it.
Elder Muñoz and I have dedicated our studies these past couple days to
helping them. Digging through the scriptures, reading General
Conference talks, looking for things to help console them during this
time. I know the Spirit will guide us to know what to say and what to

It's times like these when I see how the Lord prepared me before the
mission to be here. He called me. He knew that I needed to be here,
now, helping these people. The work is true. I think back to those
times in high school when things like this happened. I thought for
some reason it would be easier, but nope. Still hard. But I know the
Lord is in it/

Our district is doing better this week. We all did a lot better of job
finding this week, using different tactics. The companion ships seem
to be doing great, and working hard. I am so glad to be in a district
with obedient missionaries.

Elder Muñoz is incredible.  He has great ideas and input that help our
investigators progress. We are enjoying memorizing scriptures together.
We each have memorized five this week, and we have big goals for this week!
I love him so much. So grateful for him.

For preparation day we just relaxed, went and explored Terrassa a
little bit.... It was fun and just chill.

 We found Three families this week!!!!! Through moves and member
referrals and contacting!!!! We are pumped!!!

So a roller coaster of a week. We are going over to J. and
V.'s home tonight to eat and have a lesson... I am doing
brownies.... Those always help.

Well, I love you!!!!

Elder Tyson

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Some pictures of Elder Tyson and his new companion were posted on the mission website

We love that President and Sister Dayton keep this blog updated regularly. Elder Tyson loves them so much!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Mission Week 48: 11 Months Out!

This week was incredible for two very big reasons, J. and V. were BAPTIZED!!! It was such a great experience. Wow, it is something truly inspiring to see a family come together and enter the waters of baptism. The service was so special. J. kept asking us if all the members were just there for them, and we assured him that yes, they were. It is so powerful having members come and show their support. I could see that it meant a lot to J. and V. and to us as well. 


The brownies were a huge success, I am fighting to keep the recipe a family secret!!!!

I felt like it was the perfect way for Elder Muñoz to start the mission. I felt bad because with the baptism we were running all over the place, but he was so great and willing to be dragged around the first couple days. I am so happy to be with him. He is a testifying animal. No matter who we are with, or what we are teaching, he is always testifying of the power of Jesus Christ. I am so inspired by him. He is not afraid to open his mouth. On Sunday we had our first real time to contact, and thanks to his efforts we found six more people that are ready to hear the gospel and one being a family. I am so grateful to be with a missionary with so much energy and excitement for the work!

I have truly loved my personal study as of late. I studied for about a week just about the sons of Mosiah. They are so powerful, and I wanted to know why. What made them so different? I realized that it all came down to their preparation. The begging get of alma 17 is full of things they did to prepare. Mosiah 28 talks about their pure desires and how they couldn't stand the thought of one of their brethren perishing. Many other things they did as well that inspired me. Then, they knew their purpose, and baptized cities. But the part most impressive to me wasn't that they just baptized, but their converts stayed strong forever. It says in Alma 27:27 that these converts "were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end."

These missionaries knew how to prepare themselves, and prepare others for the ordinance of baptism. It is my prayer that I can dedicate enough time to be able to do the same.

I tried to fix my recorder.... The computer says that I have to erase it to maybe fix it.... I am nervous.... I am just going to hold on to it and fix it when I get back!!

11 months tomorrow..... Crazy.... According to transfers, I am half way there..... Crazy

That's about it.... It was a good week!!!
Elder Tyson

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mission Week 47: A real letter :)

MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER MUÑOZ!!!!!!! He is from Honduras but has lived in the Canary Islands for almost five years! He is a convert of almost four years and is an incredible missionary!!!! I am so excited to be with him. He loves soccer and is going to be doing all the cooking for the next few weeks.... Hahaha.... We bought some lettuce and tomato today!!!! That is not sarcasm folks!!!!

I am a firm believer in trial by fire. I want him to start having experience to take the reins as soon as he can. He is ambidextrous so he won't have the same problem I had when I lost the egg on the
spoon contest in the horse show. We are going to be doing lots of practices. I want him to just fall in love with the work so early that it carries him to the end. We are going to be exactly obedient and
work so hard!!!

Elder Miller was excited.... Sad to go but excited... The members were sad to see him go. J. and V. said they were going to take a trip down to see him. The area has been closed for over a year!!!! He
is going to so great!!

The trainer meeting were great! I had five pulled pork sandwiches. I know, not the point, but a great bonus! We learned a lot.  I got my new companion a jar of candy just like Elder Caetano got for me. Oh the good old days!!!

J. and V. are doing great!!!! They had their interview last night, and did great!! Nervous but great!!! I have lots of brownies to do but it is worth it. I bought a ten pound bag of flour today!!!! So worth it!!! Haha. It was very cheap. This past week we saw huge miracles. We found another family who is now preparing for baptism in two weeks, and we had 8 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!!!! IT WAS CRAZY WE WERE SO SURPRISED AND FELT SO BLESSED.... A great way to finish for Elder Miller and me to finish our time together!!!

Every member of my MTC district is training this transfer. It was so good to see them all again. All are district leaders as well. Also Elder Sedgwick, who knows the Wilhites. He is the new assistant. We all called it!!!

So that's basically it!!!! Had sushi this week!!!  It was a wild one!!!! Love you lots.

Elder Tyson