Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mission Week 97: May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

What a Mother's Day it was,

It was so great to see the whole family live. Everyone looks vibrant and happy!!! I glad that the family is safe!

Things are smooth sailing here in Burgos. We had the blessing of seeing great success in our area this week with a lot of potential in our investigators. The district as well is doing wonderfully, almost hitting pautas as averages in the district. We are all about becoming the best disciple of Christ we can. We know if we can build great missionaries, they will build great areas. It doesn't always work the other way around. We are opening our minds to new ideas and ways of doing missionary work that have blessed us dearly. Our goal is to be better every week. Not change necessarily what we are doing, but change our focus to make week things strong. This week we focused on not going through the motions. In many aspects we see that we get comfortable and our productivity goes down. We discussed the 2000 stripling warriors and how they could have kept marching and been safe in Zarahemla, but they decided to turn back and fight. Turn back and try something new. They did and saw miracles.

Elder Torruella and I are the same. We worked so hard and the Lord blessed us with four investigators in church. A grand difference between the zero of last week. We worked hard and we only had two people confirmed. They did come, then another investigator showed up with a member family who helped in the visit. Then a family brought a friend who needed some comfort. It was such a miracle for us. I was so grateful for the members and how they are focused and working with their friends.

Power is oozing out of Elder Torruella as he testifies of the Restoration. He knows when to give his testimony and how. I am looking forward to another great week with him.

Love you so much. Hope Kalee is doing well.... 

Elder Tyson

Here are some pictures from this week:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mission Week 96: May 9, 2017

May 9, 2017

Let's go!!!!!!

Burgos. A six letter word that comes from the the Latin root Burg, meaning full of miracles! The history holds true!! Burgos is a land of miracles and Elder Torruella and I have been working so hard to see them. We have overly blessed this week by finding 13 new investigators, having 4 second visits, and setting 3 baptismal dates with people we have met in this week. The pace is quick here in Burgos, and the branch is ready to help and serve. We are blessed immensely to have a branch president who is very focused on baptism and retention. We have had a coordination with him just to discuss the recent converts and what the branch can do to better help them feel part of the congregation.

Elder Torruella is firing on all cylinders! He is a power house. He knows the area well and knows what we need to do see baptisms in this area. What I really appreciate about him is that he is a great listener. He is always pulling things of what people say and using it to help teach them the Gospel. He is a fearless giant. He will contact anyone at anytime. He is also very teachable. He expressed to me some of the struggles they were having in this area in the past, and was able to accept some of my ideas and go with the flow. I have been trying to really support the things already built in this area and just add and tweak some things that will help us see success.

The branch here is powerful, we are about forty strong and many members are open to helping us in visits and spreading the Gospel. I pray that we can take advantage of them as we work for the salvation of man. I have been so impressed by the leadership of this branch. Although few, they lead like the Savior, and understand church government. I will be learning so much from each of them.

This city is the prettiest of my whole mission!! I will takes lots of pictures!!!! We are just getting going on preparation day here so we are going bowling today, more sight seeing next week!!

I am so excited to be a district leader! I have already planned all of my district meetings, intercambios, phone calls, and everything. Of course anything could change if the Spirit so indicates. 
I feel like this area is my final exam. My whole mission has been working up to these last six weeks.  This is it..... I am so happy and filled with energy... it's all on the table.

Next week I will be skyping at 10:00 your time..... that is six here.... I hope that works!!!!

This week I have spent my studies in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon and in chapter three of Preach my Gospel. I love how important the Gospel was for the Nephites. They put everything to the side to serve the Lord, and many times, even their lives. I have been studying the lessons of Preach my Gospel to learn to love and cherish it like the Nephites. I am so grateful for the light and truth restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love my Savior and I hope to serve him with more power, energy, vigor, and zeal this week.

Love you so much, can't wait to see you!!!!

Elder Tyson!!!!!

Mission Week 95: May 2, 2017 Transferred to Burgos

May 2, 2017

Big news.....

I have been transferred!!!!!!!!
Last six weeks... leaving Badalona... going to......BURGOS!!!!!!!!!
That's right, it's in the North!!! Not quite Pamplona, nor Santander, but it's close!!!
My new companion is Elder Torruella, a young missionary who served in the Badalona zone when I was there!!
Also, big news, I am no longer a Zone Leader!!! I get to finish as a district leader!! It will be nice to have a change and focus on one district to finish off.

It was sad to leave Badalona, but is in good hands.
The members have been so nice here. It was so sad to say goodbye to converts and friends, but I am used to it now. We were at church and at sacrament meeting my converts from Terrassa came down to say goodbye to me. It was a tender mercy. It was so good to see them and talk about good times. It made me happy to know that I actually have done some good here in Spain, and I am excited to do some more in Burgos.

I am currently writing this email on a 6 hour train ride.... side note

Thanks for all the pictures and messages. I have so much hope in my heart, and am so honored that I was able to be chosen as an honorary pallbearer at the funeral. I hope the Wilhites are doing well.

I am grateful for this work. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I don't have much time today to write, but I will give you all the details of my area next week!

Love you tons,
Elder Tyson

Elder Tyson has made a post mission commitment!


Mission Week 94: April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Hey Tyson gang,

I have learned a lot this week. A lot about faith, miracles, family,
dedication, organization, humility, and creating your own weather. I
have had a lot of time to reflect this week, and I am grateful for the
Spirit that has taught me more than any book or person could ever.

Elder Knadler has taught me a lot this week. He is really good at
showing people that we are on their team. He is a great listener and
helps people really feel loved. He has been such a great help to me in
this week.

This week I put one of Hermana Dayton's teachings to the test. I have
always been someone who lacks organization skills, and she said that
if we want to be organized, say I am organized. Then get organized and
every time you put something away, say I am organized. After 21 days
it will be a habit. So I am making it happen, and my closet and desk
have never been so clean. I am striving to be as organized as
possible. I know it will be a blessing for my whole life.

It was nice seeing the family on Skype, sad that it had to be under
these circumstances. I love you all and I am glad everyone could make
it down for the funeral.

For preparation day, we went down and rented bikes on the Rambla. It
was a good time. The weather has been wonderful. Short sleeve is the
way to go.

This week I did an extensive study of the word zeal. It uses this
adjective to describe the way the Anti-Nephi-Lehis treated the
commandments. It was interesting to see that the defining difference
between them and the other Nephites was their zeal towards God and
man. I also believe that zeal is a defining characteristic of El Faro.
We can't just go through the motions or simply obey the commandments.
We need to be zealous in our obedience. Treat every part of this work
with marked enthusiasm. I hope that I will be able to emulate
zealousness in this coming week.

We were able to give out a least ten copies of the Book of Mormon this
week. We wanted to focus on its power, and the book pulled through. It
always does!!

Love you,
Elder Tyson