Friday, November 11, 2016

Mission Week 69: October 31, 2016

Hola Familia!

L. is doing great!! We are actually going to start teaching his
entire family this week!!! They seem really nice and he is excited to
share the Gospel.

Really, this week for us has been very calm. We worked and worked.

We did have our Halloween party. It was fun. We got there and they
were starting late so I decided to just get some activities going.
Musical chairs, cruise ship, the works.... it was lacking the Patti
party flare, and treat basket, so I tried to bring it. In the end it
was great and the members were dancing at the church until 2am. It was

Sunday I had another opportunity to put my family skills to the test.
One our members had her grandchildren with her and brought them to
church. One is 3 and reminds me a lot like Krew. He was exploring and
being a little irreverent just like kids are, and I could see the
bishops face boiling. The poor member is this sweet grandma who was
clueless what to do. So I look at him and gesture for him to come
over. He sits by me and I put the children's Book of Mormon on my iPad
and he started looking at the pictures and was really quiet. Then the
song came and I did exactly what mom did with me when I was wild. Put
my finger on the words and sang along with him. He was smiling and
trying to keep up with his hand. A cute little boy. After the hymn I
got my notes app out and let him draw some pictures. At the end of the
meeting, his grandma, who was behind us, says, what did you do? I
thought he was sleeping he was so quiet. I just laughed and said he
was a good boy and that I just did what my mom did with me!!!! Hahaha

So here are the transfer rumors.... Elder Campbell is going to
Barcelona.... I am pretty sure... I am staying here..... but other
than that not much.... we are getting a new ayudante this transfer,
and I think it will be someone from my group, specifically, Elder
Ball. He is a champion!

Halloween is just really dark here in Spain. No candy just death. It's sad.

Today for preparation day we went to a member's and had American
breakfast!!!! It was delicious!!! Pancakes, and bagels and all!!!! It
was great!!!! After we went to the arts and sciences museum here. It
is really famous. It was spectacular!!!! You know me and museums!!!! I
was eating it up!!! So many different things you can do to try and
experiment with!!!!!

So all in all great week.... full of joy!!! Hope the same for you!!!!!

Love you so much!!!!!!!
Elder Tyson

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