Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pictures of Elder Stratton & Elder Tyson

Hi Everyone-

We were so excited to get some pictures of Elder Tyson & Elder Stratton from a family in Barcelona last night!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mission Week 20: L'Hospitalet

What a fantastic week. I am learning so much from Elder Stratton, he has been such a blessing to me in my mission. I love that he sets really great goals but that he also knows how to reach them. He is a fully consecrated missionary. We are working harder than ever and our key indicators are more balanced and even. We are getting members in our lessons and having more solid visits.

One of our investigators is named A. His mom just moved into the ward with him and he has never been baptized. He is in his mid forties and when he showed up to church the first time we thought that he was already a member, due to his appearance and comments, but we were able to talk and he is excited to learn. It's so nice to know that he has such a strong family support. We are planning on setting a fecha (date) with him this week so that he can get baptized in the coming weeks.... What a miracle!

We held a piso (apartment) inventory this week to try to refocus ourselves in piso and recommit to keeping it clean and things like that. It was so fantastic. The spirit was so strong and our piso is a completely different environment. We end every night with a small testimony and our final word before sleep is baptism. Our Zone leaders are the best in the mission. I am so grateful for their leadership and friendship. Great examples.

I loved listening to the devotional with Elder Christensen this week. His words on the Holy Ghost were inspiring and uplifting. I learned how divine the Holy Ghost is and how I can better use him in our lessons. I hope that I can teach investigators how to recognize it as well.

I cut Elder Latteier's hair this week. Yikes... It started out fantastic... Then as I was attempting to blend it... I took a chunk out of it... Super sad but hilarious... We had a good laugh...

Remember how I said I didn't like that mate stuff that Zach drinks?  Well I absolutely love it now! I bought some of my own stuff on preparation day last week and now I love it haha.

I am planning on sending some letter and a package home. Please wait for Christmas to open them please. Haha.

I have been thinking a lot about this wonderful church we have and I have noticed that many people see it as just a way to be happy and receive blessings, when in reality, our church is about changing who we are. Using our Agency to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. I try to exemplify him everyday.

Ward choir is great, me and the first counselor in the stake presidency are really holding the basses together.  Haha. My companion made macaroni and cheese for us this week. So good!

Know that you are always in my prayers. If you need anything... Don't forget... I am just a few thousand miles away... Haha... Love you so much!!!!!,

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission Week 19: L'Hospitalet


It has been such a wonderful week full of miracles. It has been so amazing working with Elder Stratton, he has such a strong desire to serve the Lord, it's infectious. Things really took off with our weekly planning. We set good meaningful goals that are going to help our area grow a lot. As well we got really organized by buying a second white board for our piso just to make everything flow better, so that we don't lose track of anyone.
Elder Stratton is trying to expand my cooking. It's not bad, but not great.

We saw a couple of big miracles this week, in addition to the small ones we see everyday.
The first was D. We passed by her house just to see if she was home, and it turned out she was. She said her work let her off early and was had something she needed to tell us. She explained that she talked with her boss and co-workers and that she in no longer going to be working on Sunday's. I was so excited. We tried to set a fecha but for some reason she didn't come to church. We are optimistic and helping her to prepare.

Finally, at church, some new members moved into the area and one man has never been baptized. We set up a follow up visit, and he had great comments in church.

Today for preparation day we went to the huge rambla and saw the Columbus statue. Lots of pictures.

Also, I bought some stuff to drink mate. It's gross, but I will love it. Also, I bought some Christmas gifts for you guys, so I will send them soon.

Anyway, I love you. Oh mom and dad, you have no idea. I am so happy.

I am singing in the ward choir!!!

I feel so blessed and love it here.

-Elder Tyson

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mission Week 18: Cambios! Adios Elder Caetano, Hola Elder Stratton!

Alrighty folks...

He is so cool. He has so much energy, I am so excited to be working with him in L'Hospitalet.
Elder Stratton & Elder Tyson
Elder Caetano goodbye was sweet and simple. Good guy.

This week we saw a miracle with R. and C., they were menos activos and we met them in the street one day. After sharing a message with them, he expressed to us that he knew that the church was true, he always knew, that he used to be a ward mission leader and that he knew his family needed to come to church. It was such a miracle they committed to come.

What an amazing week. I am excited for things to begin to build in our area. I know that the Lord has tons of miracles waiting for us

That's basically it. It's been a great week and I am excited to get rolling.

We go pick up new missionaries tonight, so I am excited to see my friend Robert Allen. We just live in the area so we get the new missionaries. I finally hit four months. Hahaha. Elder Stratton is great we picked him up today.
Ok so we kept the zone leaders, still together. Elder Stratton is the district leader. He has been serving just over a year.
These past four months have flown by. I can't believe it!

My favorite part of the work has been working with menos activos. It's so great to help people remember that light that they have and help them come back.

I am with Elder Sergio Fuentes today! He is playing soccer with Elder Caetano and other missionaries.
Elder Tyson & Elder Fuentes (Elder Caetano..photo bomb)
Well I have to run. Love you like Joseph Smith loved the Book of Mormon!

Elder Tyson

Elder Tyson & group in Madrid recently for residency. Photo courtesy of Elder Caleb Barton's family.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission Week 17: L' Hospitalet

Note: I am adding some additional pictures from the beginning of Elder Tyson's time in Spain. His weekly letter is after the photos.

Elder Tyson and travel group arriving at the train station in Barcelona

Travel Group at the mission office

President Dayton and Elder Tyson-First day in the Spain Barcelona Mission
Hey family

Sorry, so we decided to have preparation day today with our district because everyone had leadership meetings yesterday. So we had it today. Sorry, next week will be on Tuesday as well because of transfers.

This week has been so wonderful. We taught a lesson this week in an investigator's home, something that hasn't happened for a couple weeks. It was so powerful to teach her in her own home. It was so peaceful and I could see the spirit beginning to work through her.

I am also loving studying the New Testament. It has really opened my eyes. I used to think that the Book of Mormon had everything we need, but what I am finding more and more is that the Bible really helps us establish common beliefs with the people. The book teaches us how we can become better and simply live happy lives, and the Book of Mormon just enhances it. I am loving it as my tool and I am starting to carry my New Testament with me everywhere.

I have been so grateful for my companion this week. As he closes his mission, I know more than ever that the Lord put us together for a reason. He has taught me how to step back from all of the crazy things and just enjoy the mission and love the members. I can he has made a huge difference here, and I am excited to follow in his footsteps.

My language is coming along faster than ever. I am really trying to expand my vocabulary so that I can have conversations other than the Gospel. I know that God is blessing me with the ability to understand and speak this language.

This week we had stake conference. It was great. I loved hearing the leaders, the saints are so great here.

There is this awesome family in our ward that just started inviting us over like every week. It's so fun. They have a four year old son and I show him magic tricks all of the time. He even had a birthday party this week and I showed magic tricks to all of the kids. We was jumping all over me and loves to dress up as Spider-Man. I am getting so attached to the ward.

I love street contacting. We do it all the time and it's basically my favorite. Haha.  It is such a melting pot here. I had to go with some other elders during a leadership meeting the other other day and so we went and contacted. No one was listening to them. Then they said, go for it Elder Tyson. It was so funny, everyone stopped to listen. I had a ball! They were so surprised. I just told them that I loved doing it and that just getting to know them and smiling goes a long way. It was great The little things that my family always taught me.

Today we are going bowling again. I'm excited! Haha. It's my companions last P-Day and that's what he wanted to do, so that's what we are doing.

Well, I have to go.  Love you!

Elder Tyson 

One other note...One of Elder Tyson's Zone Leaders is Elder Jonson from Lehi. Elder Jonson and his companion Elder Latteier live in the same piso (apartment) as Elder Tyson and his companion. His family is keeping a blog and Elder Jonson mentions Kade in a recent post (October 19). There are also some pictures of Elder Tyson.