Monday, August 29, 2016

Mission Week 60: August 29, 2016

Miracles happen. I am so very grateful for this chance I have to serve here in Valencia. This week has been incredible. we have already seen lots of miracles and we are looking forward to many more.

Elder Campbell is my rock. He is like the wildabeast that protects the rest of the herd when the lions are attacking. He is always putting the needs of others and really helping the zone move forward. He knows the needs and knows how to act and help the needs. 

We are teaching D. right now, whom we met just this week.  We have set his fecha for the 10th of September. We have become his best friends. We are so excited and doing all we can to help him reach this goal.

Valencia is a great place, I know the Lord is in this work, and he is giving us extra blessings for all of the sweating we are doing. At least, weight loss. I am striving to do all I can to fulfill my role as a Zone Leader, and I hope that I can keep growing and magnifying this sacred calling.

This week I studied a talk by President Monson called "my Personal Hall of Fame". In it, he talks about all of the amazing people whom he would put in his "hall of fame". I began to think about who I would put in my hall of fame, and I have been so grateful for the amazing men and women in my life that have helped me grow into the man, and missionary, that I am.

Elder Campbell and I have a lot of fun!!!! He is a wild one like me!!!!! This last week we walked by some Gypsies playing music and I started to dance a little..... they all flipped out!!!!! so funny... they loved it, and we chatted for a minute!!!!!

The ward here is incredible!!!!! They work really hard and really mission focused!

I have been scrubbing our piso, because it smelt like straight urine when I got here...... I am still going for the source!!!!! Its been good though!!!!!

Love you lots!!!!

Elder Tyson

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