Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission Week 57: Generating Heat like a small Star!

 August 8, 2016

Dearest loved ones,

The weeks are really flying by! As much as I love you, I feel
like we just talked yesterday!!!!! It's so crazy!!!!!!

Just a few updates before I tell you about the week....

I have officially sweated through all of my shirts.... Still wearable,
but no Bueno..... It's hot #IsThatShirtWhiteOrYellow

I have officially hit 13 months in the mission #ButWhoseCounting

I am happy #GoodNewsOfTheGospel

I have broken my nail biting habit.... Woot woot!!! #BuiltInBackScratcher

If I was allowed to grow a beard, it would be really long, really fast

Elder Muñoz is my friend #Fredo

The Book of Mormon is still true #TimeToDustItOffFolks

So there are some updates!!!!!

This week was invite the world week!!!! We had a goal as a mission to
invite 1300 people to be baptized, or 15 every companionship!!!!! It
was so fun, and good to focus on baptism, Elder Muñoz and I invited
everyone we saw!!!! It was cool!!!!!

The miracle we saw this week was with N., an investigator who has
really been into that voodoo, and black magic stuff. Elder Muñoz and i
shared chapter 26:23-31 of 2 Nephi with her. It went súper well. We
focused on how the Lord works in the light, and how he condemns those
activities that are just used to trick people. It was powerful. The
Lord invites all to come unto him in that scripture, and that's what
we did. She agreed to be baptized when she gets back from vacation!!
We are so excited for her!!!!

That's about it.... Today we went down to the Rambla in Barcelona and
got some stuff for Elder Muñoz and I conquered the lion!!!!! The same
lion from like ten months ago!!!!! Boom!!!!

And that's it!!!!!! Love you tons!!!!!

Elder Tyson

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