Monday, August 29, 2016

Mission Week 59: VALENCIA!!!!

August 22, 2016

Sorry folks, it will be short today. I just got off my three hour train to Valencia! My new companion is Elder Campbell. He has more time than me in the mission. We are going to have a great time together.

This last week was a struggle.... I broke my pin drive so I lost all of my photos and music, and everything that was on there.... So whatever pictures you have, please keep.

It was a sad week of goodbyes.... I had a visit with X., J., V., L. and J... The five closest people to me in this area... I gave them all gifts, and we just cried a lot. It was hard to leave the incredible people that I had taught and seen grow so much..... I hope to go back to see them.....

My time in Terrassa just flew by... I can't believe I am already gone....... It was a blur.... But I am so excited to make the most of my time here!!!!!

Side note.... I am currently sweating like nobody's business...

Last night we had the other elders in our district in our piso for the night, so we turned off all of the lights.... So dark that your eyes couldn't even adjust..... And we played hide and seek... All by touch and sound..... It was so fun.... And crazy....... As Kalee can attest... I breathe really deeply sometimes... So it made it really easy for them to find me..... They said.... I can't see you, but you sound like bear hibernating..... It was so funny....

Starting a new adventure.... Big changes in our district and the ward.... Two more elders in the ward.... So cool!!! It will help the ward a lot.....

We are running from place to place..... I would love to hear from you... But I can't respond again....

I love you so much..... Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Tyson
Some last pictures from Terrassa:


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