Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mission Week 55: Anxiously awaiting Kalee's Mission Call!!!!

July 25, 2016
Hey family,

First I sent a package today!!!! It will be coming to grandmas house!!!!!

But this week was good, birthday parties, Cuban festivals, and finally an investigator with a baptismal date!!!!! Woohoo!!!! We are so excited!!!!

It is super hot here, but we are fighting!!!! 

I feel bad, I don't seem to have much to say.... I am really sweaty right now... And maybe that is partly why....

It was a simple week, we are growing the area, and had lots of help with members this week!!!!

Solid week.... Great week.... And that's it!!!!! 


This next few months are all months of independence for every country, so elder Muñoz and I bought some Cuban revolutionary hats, and saw a lot of Cuban cigars!!!


Our investigator is named J..... She from...... SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA!!!!!!!!! Boom, fate.... Crossing missions!!, hahaha.... She was so excited to hear that Zach served there..... She wants to get baptized on her birthday in a couple of weeks.... She wants her son to be grow up to be a missionary.... She told us that she had a dream that men in white shirts and ties taught her the gospel, and helped her get back to God..... What a coincidence!!!!!
EVERYONE SAYS I LOOK JUST LIKE DAD, AND I JUST THINK, I AM FREAKING HOT!!!!! Haha, just like he would say!!!! I love hearing that, spitting image of my pops!!!! I think it's the squints why I smile.... My companion always tells me that he thinks it's me in the pictures!!!

Love you!

Elder Tyson

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