Friday, August 5, 2016

Mission Week 56: Kalee called to Brazil, Londrina!

Monday, August 1, 2016


I HAVE ALREADY PRINTED OUT A MAP OF YOUR MISSION AND AM SHOWING IT TO EVERYONE!!!!! Member, nonmember, everyone!! I am so happy for you Kalee, I watched the video of you opening, and I can't lie, I was pretty emotional. And impressed, when I opened my call, I was balling like a baby, you kept it together.... Hahaha

This week was really rewarding for us. I felt the Spirit so strong throughout the week. I said things, promised things, and testified of things that I was expecting to say, but it seemed to fit perfectly. As I have been more focused on why I am here, the Spirit has been magnifying me.

Big news folks..... I have been eating healthier!!!!! And not just by force when members feed me!!!!! I found some frozen meals that I like that are full of vegetables and I am addicted..... I feel a lot better.... More energy, not empty fullness... If that makes sense.... Sure I am still a chubbers.... I like my desserts, but I am also liking the healthy life.....

Speaking of Desserts, I figured out how to profeta the brownies.... Because the ovens are the worst here.... I have tried different things and finally figured it out..... It's complicated to explain, but bomb!!!!!!!

This week we fasted with our investigator L. over her decision to get married, and at the end of the fast she posted a picture on Facebook in front of the church and said, "my first test from the Lord, passed!" A member showed us and we were so proud of her. She kept calling us and telling us how hungry she was but she was holding on..... We are meeting with her tomorrow to see how it went!!! So great!!

Elder Muñoz and I have been inviting everyone to be baptized lately and we are excited, we have some great people getting ready for this month!!!!

Is week in district meeting we talked all about listening!! It was so great.... In preach my gospel it talks about how we need to watch gestures as well, so we had to play charades to practice!!!! Hahaha, it was so funny to see them try to act our Michael the Archangel!!!!!!! Gold!!!!

We had interviews with President this week!!!! So great..... He challenged us to use family history everyday.... And we are really catching the spirit of Elijah!!! Hahaha.  He talked a lot about Joseph Smith..... we talked about training, and how I feel...... he thanked me for my service....  he said that he never has problems with Elder Tyson ... for now.... I told him.... he just chuckled that surgeon chuckle.... like he just made a pun in surgery..... it was good!

Anyways, great week, full of the spirit!!!! Loved every second of it!!!!!!!

Elder Tyson

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