Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mission Week 61: September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016

Words can't seem to capture the grandeur of the week Elder Campbell
and I experienced here this week. We are so uplifted doing the service
of the Lord. We saw so many unexpected miracles, it was absolutely

We are so excited for the baptism of D. this week! He is such a
great kid, so prepared. His spiritual maturity is at a level much
higher than most other youth his age. We decided to watch the Joseph
Smith movie with him, and we thought he would be a little sleepy
(considering his long trip to Madrid and back), but he was attentive
the whole movie. When the movie ended, we invited him to go home and
pray to really know for sure if he was a Prophet. He responded with
gusto, saying that he couldn't wait to pray and ask. The next time we
saw him we asked if he had prayed. He responded, "Of course I prayed,
and the Lord told me exactly what you told me, Joseph Smith was a
Prophet." We were thrilled for him, and we are getting so excited for
his baptism this weekend.

I am so grateful for Elder Campbell. He is a solid missionary. He is
teaching me so much about using time effectively and being diligent,
always leading by example.

We had a goal this week to hit four Pautas, a goal that I have never
previously hit in my mission. We worked so hard, and we got to church,
and were missing one person to reach the goal. We knew there was
another service later, so, after Mediodia, we hit the streets inviting
everyone to come with us. We received all no's. We went to the church
to try our luck, and no one showed. Then, as the meeting was
beginning, and we were walking out, a women entered the church. She
said she wasn't a member but that her friend had told her that she
should check out our church. She sat with us through the meeting and
to us, was an angel sent from heaven. Although she didn't end up
wanting anything, I knew that the Lord was blessing us for our
righteous desires, hard work, and obedience. What a miracle!

For preparation day we went and saw some big sites in Valencia. It was
chill. We also ate at Burger King.... A Spanish favorite..... And that
basically it!!

Love you lots!!!!

Elder Tyson

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