Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mission Week 93: April 17, 2017

Glad everyone enjoyed the Easter season.

I know you hate my letters like this, but this week didn't have that much that went on. The weeks really blend together. I hope I can think of some details, but it was really simple.

We had the chance to go out to the home of a little old lady this week. She is one of the oldest members in Barcelona and is really struggling. She never gets visits, and due to health, it is difficult for her to come to church. She said the saddest thing is that she has let her garden die down. Well, we told her we have eight missionaries who will be by to fix up her garden. So we are going tomorrow to give service!!! It will be great!!!!

We had zone conference yesterday. It was wonderful. They gave us fancy fancy study journals! It was really nice of them.

This week our investigator J. made big steps. He has been having some very interesting days. He has been quitting smoking, and upon leaving his house in the morning to buy some cigarettes, he starts jogging and finds himself sprinting all around Badalona, tiring himself too much and forgetting about smoking. I believe the Lord is blessing him for his efforts that now he has to figure out what to do with all of his new found strength. We practiced with him how to say no to cigarettes when offered and he committed to never smoking again!!
Our brotherhood in our piso, will all be home and going to BYU.... and we are making big plans.... specifically a Disneyland trip!!!!!! We have already set the date!!! August 13-17.... this is real... haha... its going to be fun... hahah.... Elder Simon is from Australia so it will be fun.....

Life is great.... been thinking about school a little bit today.... I think you made some good points, and you are right... I need to go far in my studies. I can't settle for four years, the prophets have even counseled us to receive as much education as possible. So that is what I need to do.

Love you so much, thank you for your words of wisdom!!

Elder Tyson


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