Monday, April 10, 2017

Mission Week 91: April 3, 2017


Good things happening here in the Badalona zone this week, and even more so in the Badalona area! We had a great week and General Conference was fantastic!

I was so grateful for the announcement of the new temple in Saratoga Springs, Utah! I was telling all of the missionaries that they were going to announce one in Eagle Mountain for sure, so I lost control when it was announced that they were going to put one in the city right next to it. I felt bad for disturbing the reverence, considering that I literally leap out my seat and stared cheering. Missed being the family because I know they would have shared the same excitement with me. I immediately said a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for the temples, for the power that is manifested there, and for the restored Gospel that allows us to have our families forever.

My favorite talk of the conference was given by Joy D. Jones, the General Primary President. She spoke about honesty and how we should do things because we said we would. I thought about my own life, how many times do I really do the things I say I will? I am so grateful for the examples of integrity around me. I am inspired by mission leaders, family members, and great members who do what they say they would, and only because they said it. I hope that I can exemplify that characteristic in my life. I love how she finished by saying that Jesus Christ did all he did, because he said he would before this life. It reminds me of the many promises I made with the Lord before this life, before the mission, and through my covenants, and I can ask everyday, "am I doing what I said I would?"

Our area took some hits this week. We found out that several are moving and others do not live in our area, so we are hitting the streets. It will feel nice to wear down the shoes, sweat a little, and just contact. Of course we are also trying to work smart by setting up effective pass-bys and things but I love so solid time to hit the pavement, preach the gospel, and cry repentance! So grateful!

Today for preparation day we went to the zoo!!!!! It was so fun.... we really enjoyed it.

The miracle I saw this week may sound silly but it was a powerful moment for me. Our piso has hot water, but it decreases immensely when two missionaries shower, or use any hot water at once. Well, I was showering and I felt my water go cool. I waited for a minute or so wanting to finish my shower nice and hot. So I offered a little prayer, asking Heavenly Father to let me finish my shower as it began. As I said amen, the water immediately regained it's heat and I finished my shower both physically and spiritually warm. I said a little prayer of gratitude and it set me up for a great day. It may sound foolish, but it's the small miracles that make the biggest differences, I think.
Glad you enjoyed conference, and so happy for Allie!!! How is Kalee doing?

Love you,
Elder Tyson

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