Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mission Week 89: March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

I love you!

Transfers this week.... no changes for us!!! Stayed with Elder Knadler!!! Powerful!!! I still get to be a Badalona missionary!!! Crazy things happening this transfer, in fact, Zane is with Robert Allen... two Westlake boys together, classic!!

Preparation day was very calm, we cleaned, said goodbyes to leaving missionaries and tonight I have to take a new missionary out!!! Hoping to get some cigarettes to throw away!!!

Elder Knadler and I had the chance to teach in the zone conference this week. We taught about the power of persuasion, it was so fun, and I think we actually gave some good ideas to help missionaries be more persuasive. We talked about how we be like Nephi persuading Zoram, it was great.

Our miracle this week was with C. and C. They are incredible investigators who are progressing towards baptism next month. We went to their home and had only thirty minutes to teach and invite them to come to church with us. They accepted the invitation but weren't so sure how to get there. They then offered to take us to church! So Sunday we hopped in their car and they took us to church in their car. They loved the service and on top of it, we had three other investigators in church! It was a miracle to go from one or two a week and to finish the transfer with five. What a great way to finish off the transfer.

I am so excited to have another transfer with Elder Knadler! We are already working on a plan for the zone. We have incredible missionaries coming into the zone which is comforting knowing that we are losing a lot of strength as well. I am so grateful for the wonderful missionaries we have here. They work so hard, are striving to be obedient, and are seeing miracles.

So happy, excited for another six weeks!

Invite Daily, Baptize Weekly, Badalona
Elder Tyson


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