Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mission Week 90: March 27, 2017

Hey everyone!!!

So glad to hear that you are busy as ever!!! Typical Tyson family!!! SO HAPPY FOR ALLIE!!!!! I BET THE SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! So sad I didn't get to see it....

This was a week of just putting our shoulders to the wheel. We had days of just work. It felt nice to just hit the pavement and just talk with people. The days flew by as we tried to use our time effectively. Not just doing one activity but focusing on different aspects of missionary work to help fufill our purpose. 

This week I have learned that it doesn't matter how we think, or how we feel, or what we or anyone believes. There is one truth, one doctrine is correct, "one Lord, one faith, one baptism". Everyday we hear people say that all churches are the same, or they believe one way and that is okay and they don't need to change, or that God is one way, or his ways are like this, or all that is important is be a good person. That is wonderful that they think those things, but at the end of the day, God is truth and we can think what we want, but God has his ways and we can't change them. We can choose to accept or reject them, but they will never change. We have to play by his rules, for lack of a better term, accept his contaracts, if we truly want to know him and feel his presence in our lives.

I think that throughout the mission I have grown in so many ways, and one of them being a direct defender of the faith. Early on in the mission, I would accept half truths that people share, hearing them out, then trying to use what they said and make it true. What I have learned is that when we accept half truths, they think we agree with them, and even though we try to change the lie, they still feel like they have got it right. As I have grown, and gained a true love for this people and restored truths of the restored gospel, I have become comfortable telling people that what they are saying is not true, and teaching them the true doctrine of Christ. It had amazed me as I have been simply bold in defending the truth, how so many people have responded in a positive way. They begin to recognize us as servants of Jesus Christ, they note our confidence, and the Spirit bears witness that our word are true.

Such was the case this past week teaching some new investigators, P. and O. We entered the smoke filled piso to find them ready not to necessarily listen, but to teach us. We begin and P. begins to tells us his version of the Gospel. We heard him out and testified that there is one way to know God (the topic of the discussion) and he can think however he wanted, but we know that there is one way and if they really want to know, they can try it. If it doesn't work, that's fine, but we knew that it would work, for it had worked for us. They seemed stunned, and yet the Spirit ended the room and O. said she knew our words were true. She has accepted a baptismal date and now progressing. I am grateful for my knowledge of the truth and the the strength and confidence I have gained in sharing it.

Love you lots,
Elder Kade Jay Tyson

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