Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mission Week 92: April 10, 2017

Note: Some friends of the Wilhite's ran into Elder Tyson at church in Barcelona. We were so excited and thankful to get some pictures of him.
Hey Y'all!!!!!!

What a privilege it is to write another weekly report! It was a stronger week in the Badalona area, teaching repentance and baptizing converts. We had great opportunities to learn and teach during two intercambios, leadership council, zone enfoque, and interviews, just a full week.

We found quite a bit of new investigators this week through our investigator P. He is a Nigerian man with a big heart. He has studied with the missionaries for almost a year and never got baptized because he felt they were telling him and not his own Spirit. We sat down and read about the sacrament in the Book of Mormon. In the passage it explains that without baptism we can't partake of the sacrament nor have the Holy Ghost to be with us. He agreed and told us that his spirit was telling him to be baptized. We are so excited for his progression.

When visiting him later in the week we discovered that he was having a get together with six other friends. We sat down and they asked us to share the word of God. Elder Knadler and I weren't sure exactly what we could share, so we scanned the room and identified the best thing to teach, the Word of Wisdom. This place was filled with alcohol, cigarettes, and other choice substances. We told them that we were there to cry repentance unto this people and we taught the commandment. We felt power as we testified of the truthfulness of this law and promised them the knowledge of its truthfulness using John 7:17 which states, "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."

They all accepted the invitation to live the Word of Wisdom on the condition that we return and teach them about the interesting prophet who received this revelation, Joseph Smith. We gladly accepted the deal.

Today for preparation day, I got a well needed haircut, then we went to this huge antique market in Barcelona!!!! It is literally a treasure hunt!!!!

In our Zone enfoque we gave out seeds in dirt, and they can only water it when they invite someone to be baptized! It was fun, we hope they grow.

This week I had an experience I will never forget, a miracle, one might say. We were talking to a boy who was very content in his church, that all were correct, so it really didn't matter. So I asked him, "Does God have a body?" He responded no and said that Jesus was resurrected as a spirit. I explained that his statement shows that not all churches were true, because we all have different doctrines. For example we believe that Jesus was resurrected with a body of flesh and bone. He tried to challenge my statement so I took him to Luke 24:36-43 that clearly shows that he was resurrected with a body. He agreed, then said that after, he ascended to heaven without a body. Then I witnessed the miracle. The Spirit brought to my remembrance Alma 11:45 which clearly explains that the resurrection is final. There is no separation after. We testified of the the Book of Mormon, it's clarifying doctrines, and that he could know that it was true. We set up another visit, and we left rejoicing. That may have been one of the only times in my mission when the Bible and the Book of Mormon became one in my hand. The doctrines back each other up. We need both, and I am so grateful for that witness I received.
It was a great week, can't wait for this one!

Elder Kade Tyson

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