Monday, March 13, 2017

Mission Week 88: Tale of the lost iPad

March 13, 2017

Sagrada Familia,

This week has been a very good one indeed. I am so happy that I get to be serving here in Badalona. The weather is starting to warm up and so are the people. We found a lot of great potential and a good change of attitude have helped me a lot this week. Had a good PPI with the Savior, and he helped me figure somethings out. Then he put me to the test.

Now, don't be disappointed. I am not not perfect... You know I have tried to change and get better throughout the mission. You know how forgetful I can be. I am always going from one place to the next, not paying attention many times to what is behind or ahead, just living in the moment. Well, such an experience happened to me this week. We sat on some stairs to make some phone calls while I was looking at the map for the next visit. As we searched, some kids came by and tried to swear at us in english. So I start talking back to them, and we end up having a nice conversation and they had interest to come to English class. Well they left and we finished our calls. We headed to the visit, then back to piso. We arrived at piso and I realized my iPad was missing. Typical Kader Snots. I grabbed Elder Simon (Piso Mate) and we ran back up to where we were seated. But, as you can imagine, my iPad was taken.

This is where the test comes in. At first, I was angry and sad. All my photos, scriptures, everything lost. I was distrought and angry at myself. But, then I started to think, and realized that some family could probably sell that and eat for a couple of weeks, that all my pictures are on the iCloud photo sharing, and that it was going to be a great story to tell. I am grateful that the Lord humbled me enough to teach me how this was a blessing for others and not a tragedy to me.

I have been trying to find new ways to make my teaching style more dynamic, so this week I carried the Gospel art book to add some life and photos into the lessons. It worked out really well, I think I will continue to use it.

This week I re-started the Book of Mormon. It is a powerful book. I am trying to take it page by page, slowly but surely. I can spend a whole half hour on one chapter. It's been so inspiring to see the constant struggle of a family just trying to reach the promised land. I have always wondered why Laman and Lemuel left the comfort of Jerusalem if they were just going to complain the whole time. I realized, that when this family embarked, Laman and Lemuel probably didn't have a choice, they were too young. That's why Nephi and his brothers waited to marry the daughters of Ismael. It also shows the courage Nephi had in doing what he did at such a young age.

Our good friend J. is back on the map. He was gone for a couple of weeks, but now is back and is progressing rapidly once more. We have come to a knowledge of something that may be preventing hime from being baptized in the near future, but we are going to pray for him and help him quit smoking until he can. It was so great to have him back in church. He is from the Dominican Republic and has a deep past. We hope to bring him to the family night in the mission home this week.

I really admired how calm, cool, and collected Elder Knadler was this past week. We had our zone enfoque and he did a great job leading the zone and teaching will power and skill. We got into some tight contacts this week, and he did a splendid job of not being confrontational and sharing his testimony with all.

We had a zone meeting this week. You would have loved it. We had a teaching on diligence by a missionary and I requested the work work work quote. We had everyone bring a different object from piso, and we set up a park to do a contacting practice. Everyone dressed up and talking to others, tryin g to establish common ground. Just like mission prep. To end, we performed one of President Dayton's song, and I loved being back on the stage. I will send you the video next week when I have my iPad. We then talked about companionship unity and we set the goal that was some advice for me when I was leaving for the mission. Find one way to serve your companion daily. I am so grateful for your examples and what you have taught me. The meeting was very fun and the missionaries learned a lot! so great, thank you.

The miracle we saw this week actually came from a righteous hunch I had in the streets on Sunday. We had a scheduled visit with a member who was not answering the door, nor was their phone working. They live on the second floor and we were knocking the door and trying to make as much dignified reverent sound we could, trying to get their attention in the home. All seemed lost when I had the righteous hunch to say a prayer asking for help. We waited a few minutes more then I said, "Elder, if they don't come in thirty seconds, we are out of here." Fifteen seconds passed and the member appeared at the doorway. Miracle.

Love your same naughty boy,

Elder Kade Jay Tyson

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