Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 8

Alrighty folks!!!!!!!!! So I am sending a little package home today that will have my address on it so you can have it.... It's kind of complicated to put in type form. I am serving in the Hospitalet 1 ward. They meet at 3. There was a lot less teaching this week.. We walking and contacted for days.. It was great. I wish you could see me. I look, I feel, I speak, I listen, I act so differently. I am truly a representative of Jesus Christ. So many people don't want to listen, but I love them so much. I am learning the power of simple speech... All I really know how to do is testify, so I do it all of the time.. I am eating my entire plate, whatever it is.... Today I scrubbed our bathroom, kitchen, and office for my companion and the other elders so they could have a clean place to live.. I don't say that to brag, I just want you to know that in the two months I have been here, I have converted to Jesus Christ. I finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday and am now reading the New Testament. The scriptures have so much power.

I am so excited to hear about all the awesome things going on. How are you handling it all? I feel like we never focused on you felt when we were home. I am so grateful that you taught me how to iron, how to do dishes, how to scrub toilets, the inside and outside, how to cook, peanut butter and jelly have become my closest allies. I even cut them into fourths.... They remind me of mom.... I feel my savior all the time... We have four baptism dates... So cross your fingers... Our investigator Antonio has been tough... He is struggling to commit. We were singing in church with him and I saw him struggling to read the song book. After the meeting I asked if he would like us to teach him how to sing and use it... He said he would love that... So I am downloading tons of songs for him and we are going to practice.... If he gets baptized I want to give him his own song book.

I love you so much... Look for to talking with you.
Elder Tyson
 We live with the zone leaders, Elder Jonson from Lehi and Elder Dunn from California ..... I do have an iPad. That's how I am emailing now... We come to the church to email.... The weather is like that night in DC.... Todos Los Dias .... But I am getting used to it
I am indifferent to the iPad... I prefer my paper scriptures, but it's so much lighter... They did give us a shoulder bag... But my companions was thrashed so I gave mine to him, and I use my bag... He really needed it.
 Ha so we wake up at 7:30 and go to sleep at 11:30 the members feed us all the time. It's usually great I do have a picture of a delicious hamburger that I will send. It was awesome!
 This place is seriously the best! Dad, take my advice. Don't play softball. You will want to wear shorts. You will try to get the double, on a very clear single... Slide... Cut your leg... And have a scar... Just back down... Practice FIFA (video game)

They have McDonald's ... Not the same... They don't really have restaurants... More cafés where you sit outside... Delicious.
 I love playing soccer! I just chill in the back, then one of the elders shouts... Elder Tyson, go.... And I come blowing in full speed... People just get out of my way... I score almost every time... It's super scary for the little Latinos... But super fun!
 We have zone conference on the 22nd I haven't seen president since I left the mission home.
 The sister missionaries in our ward with us are planning a food night. Where everyone in the ward brings a food from their country. Super excited!
 Our piso is in our area. We take the subway to church. But other than that... All feet... All day!
 Well, I have to go.... Keep doing good.... I love you so much.... God be with you until we meet again!!!!


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