Monday, August 24, 2015

Hola from BARCELONA!!-Week 7

Alright folks... The moment you have all been waiting for... I got to the mission home and my first night I stayed in Badalona, a suburb in Barcelona, and by suburb I mean, all apartments and hills and really run down streets, it was so awesome! I proselytised with Elder Lattieier and I taught the Ten Commandments in English to Rita and I met some menos activos in the ward!!! We taught them some scriptures. I got back to the piso and realized that that was where I wanted to serve, in Barcelona in a place where the roads confuse you and the hills are daunting. I had already begun to love the people. So I had been praying to stay in the area. I was chosen to serve in Hospitalet, Collblanc area!!!!! It's the Hospitalet first ward and its on the exact opposite side of Barcelona than Badalona!!!!!!!!! My prayers were answered. Then I found out that my companion was Elder Caetano... An Angolan who speaks as much English as I speak Spanish. I was excited and afraid. The first night was an interesting experience.... This brings me to the food...
Spain is a melting pot of people, everyday I meet Ecuadoreans, Bolivianos, Chileans, Peruvians, Nigerians, and all other kinds of great people.... And they all have a different cuisine... My first night I had some fried fish with rice and beans. I have had oyster, squid, vegetables, and other unknown items. I know the lord has a sense of humor. I can just see him laughing and saying, "you asked for it, elder"  But I have had some delicious food too. They have the most delicious pastries in the world. My favorite is a nepoliano. It's like a croissant filled with chocolate and covered with powdered sugar... I am addicted now!!!!! They also have kebab.... They stack meet into a cylinder and put it on a spear.... Then it spins and cooks on a heater.... They shave off tons of it and put it into a tortilla.... Boom.... Delicious!!!!!!
The people and members are so kind to us... The are with us for most of our lessons and we try to teach a family everyday. My companion knows tons of games, and the language, so we can teach and have fun.
We are finding new investigadores cada dia and so many people are interested in out message. We are really excited for Antonio, he is from El Salvador and his baptism date is this week. But we are having a problem.... He is afraid... He knows it's right and knows it's true... He comes to church and talks with the members, but is still nervous. I pray every day that he can feel the light of Christ.
On Saturday the hermanas had two baptisms. One didn't speak any Spanish so they asked me to speak on baptism in English . It was funny because no one understood me but him!!! 
Sunday was the craziest day of al!!!!!!! I showed up praying to see Antonio, and didn't.... But I walked in to see the entire BYU basketball team and staff sitting in the congregation.... I lost it... We sat right next to the Dave Rose (the coach right?) and it was like sitting next to royalty!!!!! Then to make me more nervous.. I was asked to confirm James.... The new convert that didn't know Spanish.... It went well..... After the meeting we went to classes and I tried translating the lessons for James.... I have never learned so much Spanish, so fast.... It was great and scary... Of course there was a little improvisation but the spirit was great!!!!!

Elder Tyson at church with the BYU Basketball Team in Barcelona
So all in all... I love it here... It's so great!!!! We ate with a member from New Hampshire and it was so refreshing to speak English!!! 

I am so happy and have lost fifteen pounds in total!!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!!!

Elder Tyson
Oh My goodness Kade--- I am sooooo excited to hear from you!  Yep,  my heart is racing and I want to burst!  I am so happy to hear from you and I feel your spirit so strong reading this!  This is AMAZING! What an awesomewesome part of the Lord's Vineyard!

So, I have lots of questions;;;  Are you able to talk with your companion in spanish? 

How is your president and his wife?

Did any of your district get north american companions?
 So president is great and his wife is wonderful!!! They are great missionaries!!!! My companion speaks a little English, but I can communicate fine I guess!!!!
All of my group got North Americans except me and another elder who went to Andorra!!! Inspired!!!!
Hey!!! Just finished bowling... It was fun we went with our district and some members of the zone.

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