Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 6-Last week in Madrid MTC

Note: Kade started to email at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 13. (Spain is 8 hours ahead, so it was 2 pm in Madrid)

Howdy family!!!! This week has been so great and so fast!!!!! Our lesson that night was so guided by the Spirit. We had our district sing Families Can Be Together Forever with our investigator!!!! It was so powerful, she started to cry. Everyone is getting excited for the field, just a few more days!!! I'm super excited!!!! Sorry, I don't have much to say, this week has been so great. I can feel the Lord so much!!!!

Folks, I know its early, but its time to wake up, haha,  just kidding, I think I am going to be able to write on Monday, so be looking for me then. We leave for Barcelona at six am on Tuesday!!! super crazy.

hehehehehe We have been up all night goof ball... our alarms go off every 15 minutes in case we doze

How do you feel about the language?

What scriptures are you liking in your discussions?

do you lava sus manos often? 

I lava mis mano todas las dias. Mi idioma es mas o menos. Nuestros maestros eneñan rapidamente. Yo espero que I can pick it up!!!!! I share so many scriptures its hard to decide. We had a lady tell us that the bible says nothing about the Book of Mormon and vice versa, So, I shared a scripture from 2 Nephi 29 and it was so cool, I could see the testimony building in that very moment!!!

From RYAN:
Your experience with the Book of Mormon and the lady and the bible sound awesome! Where were you when you were talking to her?

It was a one of our practices, but everything feels real here!!!!!
I take a 3 hour high speed train to the mission... we stay the night at the mission home!!!

Sunday we are giving everyone in the district a blessing... should be great... the teachers are fantastic... they know a ton about everything!!!!!

Has anyone in your district had to give talks in sacrament meeting?  How are those there in the MTC?

Most everyone has spoken, but not me, knock on wood. The talks are so awesome. We spend good time on them!!! We went to the mall today and I got a usb drive, some Twix bars, and some highlighters!!!! So, yep all ready to go!!!!!

Zach looks like such a cute Boliviano!!! How is he adjusting? Has he used his first name yet??? We have a joke that when we entered the MTC we gave our first name to the Lord.

 Where is Allie at in the Book of Mormon? I am in Alma 18... this book is so awesome!!!

She is at the end of Mosiah. I'm  glad your Sunday meetings are going well.

The church released a push to make the Sabbath Day a Delight... It is a good reminder..
Tell her that she is about to hit the good stuff. The story of Zeezrom is so inspiring. Have her email me when she reads it, and tell what she thinks!!!
Whatcha doin today?
Going to the  temple for the last time for dos años.... super sad!!!! Well, I have to go. Thanks for writing!!! It means the world!!!! Hold fast to the rod!!!!
Elder Tyson also sent some pictures from their trip to the museum last P-Day:
These are from the museum. The money sword brings good luck!!!! Those slabs are all tiny pieces of glass cemented during roman times!!!!


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