Thursday, August 6, 2015

MTC-Week 5

yoyoyoyoyo!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear from you!!!! Mom, I got your letter yesterday which gave me a big pick me up!!!!! I was so excited!!!! Things are going great here. I started reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover on august 2, and I am almost to Jacob!!!! This book is so true. In our  lesson I try to use it only, because it truly is the one true evidence we have that our message is true!!!! I love playing soccer here. My district loves to play with me because I always volunteer to be goalie. It's fun to just hang back and block all of the  shots by the sisters, haha. I have realized that you don't always have to be in the front to have a good  time... just chillin and helping others succeed is much more  satisfying. Spanish is  getting easier. Next week is all Spanish for us!!!! I cant believe I only have like a week and  a  half. It's flying by. I'm glad to hear Allie is safe at the Creek. She already is one of the  best counselors I have seen there. About the whole package thing... moms  have been Amazoning packages to their sons while they have been out, but I don't want you to. I have finally had my heart changed. This is not my mission. I am not teaching these people. I am not  giving my time  to the Lord, it's all his, its HIS mission, HE is teaching these wonderful people, the time has always been HIS. Nephi is the best example of this... he says,"O Lord, I have  trusted in thee, and  i will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of the flesh;" I love you all so much.... i know that i couldn't do this without you.... please help the  missionaries in our area!!!! love you!!!!

These pictures were taken by some of our teachers at the MTC.

We got Italian missionaries yesterday!!!! We get to go to an archeological museum today right after you guys go to sleep for the night!!! I am so ready to hit the field its insane... Spanish or no Spanish!!! This gospel is so much more than just church. I hope I can help them to see that!!!
The subway is!!! Almost as nice a D.C. , its huge and is more Boston like!!!

I LOVE these pictures!
You look great!  The park looks beautiful! Are these real people or people set at the park for you to mingle with?

These are real live people...  we get thrown to the wolves!!!  :)

I have stopped worrying about the language. I still study, but I know that it will come. I need to learn how to teach. If only I could talk to the mission prep class, there are some words of wisdom that I could share for sure!!!

From RYAN:
What did you eat for breakfast today? Do you get to go to the temple?

We had croissants, very delicious the food is getting better. We go to the temple at 4!!!
Got to go... miss you and love you.

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