Monday, September 7, 2015

Tender mercies and Bro. Manwaring!

This week Bro. Bryan Manwaring, the first counselor in our bishopric, traveled to Barcelona on business. He arrived in Barcelona, Sunday, September 6, just before Elder Tyson's Sacrament Meeting. We feel so  blessed that Bro. Manwaring was able to connect with Kade! Here are some of the pictures that Bro. Manwaring took:

Here are our emails with Elder Tyson today (9/7/15):

Folks, this week has been crazy awesome... Tons of new people to teach... I have truly learned a lesson of exact obedience... some nights it would be easy to wrap up our work at 9:30 (in Elder Tyson's mission they work until 10 pm).... Not go to piso (apartment), but just walk around until ten... But I know that's not a good way to use my time... So I keep talking to people, it's really hard.  A lot of our new investigators have come from those last few minutes... And I know that it's the Lord blessing us for our obedience.... Sunday was a fantastic day, I was challenged in ward council to share my testimony in sacrament meeting, and my Spanish was money... It's really coming along... President and his wife were there, and that was awesome.... Then walks in Bro. Manwaring... Talk about tender mercies.... It was so nice to talk with him... And get those gifts.... I have had to guard the Mac and cheese... Haha.... It has just been a great week of learning.... I love you tons!!!!!

Elder Tyson

 Ah Kade, we are so proud of you. Obedience is the key! Keep it up and the Lord will keep blessing you! Tender mercies! That is exactly what mom and I said about Bro. Manwaring being able to find you! Good job bearing your testimony. Your Spanish will keep improving as you have courage and use it fearlessly!

 Bro. Manwaring said that you were translating for someone in your ward on Sunday. Was that someone you are teaching? Any great teaching or finding stories from this week?

He is a recent convert of the sisters. But nothing super interesting. We went to ward family night, and they asked if anyone had a game, so I taught them cruise ship. We played like ten rounds. They loved it. We went to a member's home for lunch and I showed their kids ton of magic tricks. It was awesome to get back to my roots! There was another member I was translating for that is going through a really tough time. I had to sit and translate his welfare problems to the bishop after church. I could barely do it without crying. It's so hard to see the crazy poverty. I felt so bad. I wanted to give him all my money. But the bishop was really great and is giving him help. It's was so difficult being there. But I felt God's love for his children.

Oh that is so sad.  I'm sorry that you have to hear those harsh realities in people's lives but at the same time, I love that you see the workings of the Lord, the priesthood and the church.  We belong to a church that reaches out and rescues and dad and I agree, it is so hard to know but it has strengthened our testimonies over and over of God's love.

The translating was fine. It is just so hard. I see people begging on the streets everyday. And I can't give them money. It's so hard.

Everyone from my MTC group has to go to Madrid tomorrow to do residency stuff! It is a quick trip. We will be back by 7 pm tomorrow night.

It is heartbreaking to watch people suffer. Poverty is more than I can bear...

I think it is why I like to drive through places where we see poverty to always remember our blessings, to be compassionate, to reach out and lift... Poverty is not just money.

I hope you will work hard in life to always help ease the pain of others... and especially be generous in love because sometimes that is the most we have...
We took those pictures of the fountain today. That's where we went for preparation day. I also went to Dominos on Saturday. That girl in the pic just had her one year anniversary for her baptism, so we had all you can eat Dominos... So delicious... Haha....

Hey, well I have to go... I love talking with you... I tell my companion that we can't start writing until two... So I know you all are awake... Keep reading the scriptures... Be looking for my package.... Love you so much!

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