Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mission Week 85

February 20, 2017
Family Tots,

This week had a lot of up and downs, but I feel like it was what our area needed and our companionship.

It was great to see the progress of our converts here in Badalona. M. was baptized three weeks ago and was sustained as the secretary of the Relief Society this week. I was walking on cloud nine. To see a convert really be embraced by the members and embrace them as well. Also we saw great progression in J., who was baptized last week. He received the priesthood and we blessed the sacrament together this week. Thank you so much for the money, I was able to get him a shirt, and I ended up giving him lots of other clothes... it was good, cleaning out the closet! I was so proud of these converts, so blessed to have been part of their lives, of this teaching experience.

We had to drop a couple of families this week for lack of progression. Wonderful families who love a spiritual message, but that's all. We tried to help them understand the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church and they just aren't prepared yet. It's sad because the wife has made it all the way to Mosiah, but has no desire to come to church. We received a very strong impression to let them go, and I think it was the best thing for them. I hope they choose to accept the Gospel when another opportunity comes.

The zone is doing great. Our goal of inviting daily and baptizing weekly is working. We are on a 4 week streak with many baptisms planned in the weeks to come. We are so happy for every area, everyone is working hard and seeing miracles. I am so grateful that I get to serve with such great missionaries! Elder Knadler and I had our first zone meeting together, it turned out great. We gave out blue keys reminding them that baptism is the door, and we have the key to let them in, it's inviting! We are already planning for March, we are looking to perform one of President Dayton's hit numbers, Lamentations of a Companion. It will be great!!

For preparation day, we went and played soccer, got haircuts, and I got my suit pants repaired. Just wonderful. I think you would be proud we went to the grocery store and while everyone was picking out junk food, I was grabbing the vegetables. I love the broccoli. We are now in this grilled cheese phase, it's a great nightly snack.

Well I think that's it, love you lots!!!

Elder Kade Jay Tyson


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