Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mission Week 84: It's not's Good-alona!

February 13, 2017
Hey Tyson Family,

Just a swell week in GOOD alona. We saw a miracle this week! J. was baptized!!!! It was incredible! He was so prepared, so changed. The service was so special. Though it started off rough.

The service was supposed to begin at six, and at six there were only four people there, us, President Dayton, and his wife. So, as you can probably infer, we were very stressed. Members stared to arrive, and our music player for the prelude wasn't working, so President Dayton got on the piano and started to play. That is the last thing we wanted to happen. Then J. and his aunt showed up, and his pants were too small. Yes, rookie mistake in not trying the pants earlier, but we switched pants and we were ready to go. The service began and the Spirit entered the room. Elder Knadler pulled off a three hour practiced piano piece, and I kept J. under water just long enough to really clean him. Dad Style. All in all a great service, great day. To be celebrated with root beer floats that night, priceless.

 Anyways, just a great week, getting used to Elder Knadler, saying goodbye to Elder Maurer, Elder Sedgwick and others. Sad day, but happy all the while!

Today for preparation day we went bowling, a personal favorite of mine. Started slow, but I had a great second game.
So that's about it!! Also, I got two packages, one with sees chocolates and one from the ward for Christmas thank you!!!

Love you all,

Elder Kade Jay Tyson

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