Monday, January 9, 2017

Mission Week 78: Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017


Sorry folks, we have been making a zone video in the office all day
that I haven't been able to write. I will try to fit as many details
in as possible in the time I have!!!

I absolutely love Badalona!!! It is known for its huge hills and many
Muslims. The work here is thriving, there are many people prepared to
hear the Gospel in our area. We are having a lot of fun trying new
ways to contact and teach those around us. Elder Maurer is incredible.
He is so wise. He teaches with so much power. Our theme for this
transfer is be a challenging and testifying missionary!!!! I
absolutely love it, we are inviting everyone and we have seen a
glorious difference!

He is from Brisbane Australia, and his name is Nicholas Maurer. Great
man. The piso I am in is in deed the one I was in my fist night,
luckily, it is spotless now unlike the last time.

We passed New Years wonderfully. We ate an entire turkey with some
members!! The members are great!. We have to meet for church in Barcelona
because our church was condemned so it's harder for people to get out.
We have faith though.

Kalee looks great!!!! So happy for her, and being with Elder Gomez!!

I am learning so much in my Gospel study!!! I will share some with you
next week!!!

I am setting some goals for myself in this year. Not home goals
obviously, but for just the mission. I hope the Lord will support me
in the changes I want to make.

I have also decided on a return date, I can't remember if I told you.
I prayed and received an answer that my time to go home is June. So I
will not be extending my mission. I know that this is the best choice
for me. Good, better and best. I got your letters with the pictures!

Love you so much... more to come next week, love you so much!!!

Elder Tyson

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