Monday, January 16, 2017

MIssion Week 80: Badalona

Hey family,

Spirits are high here in Badalona. We are moving forward in the work of the Lord. There is a force that runs through these streets. People are being prepared to hear this message and we are on a quest to find, teach, and baptize them.

The zone had a good week. We are seeing that it's difficult to unify us in a zone goal when every companionship has very different needs. Some struggle finding, others greeting people to church, (us for example), others struggle in setting fechas with investigators. It's all different. Our culture as a zone is to invite daily and baptize weekly. The act of inviting should just be a part of us, just like the first contact leaving piso is. We have decided to focus on church attendance this week, seeing that it is a requirement to help our investigators be baptized. We are giving the missionaries simple things to do daily to be able help their investigators come to church and begin to sanctify the sabbath day.

M. is getting baptized this week! We are so excited for her. We were worried because last week she had a surgery and didn't know how she was going to feel, but on Sunday, though it was freezing cold, came to church and loved it. The members are doing well in fellowshipping and she is excited for the baptism. We asked if she would be ready physically for it, and she said it was happening yes or yes.

We are also teaching a young man named A. He has met with many missionaries but lacked strong desire to be baptized. On an intercambio with Elder Merrill we helped him see the need for the Restoration, and he has committed to change his work schedule and be baptized on the fourth of February. We are happy that he is making these changes in his life.

This week in my study I learned about the power of Prayer. Preach my Gospel says that we should take thought about our attitude regarding prayer. I realized that my prayers had become a routine, quite empty at times. I set goals to better my prayers, expressing more gratitude, and using specific names. That is an example that the Lord gave perfectly. He gave thanks always, and He prayed for Peter personally. I want to follow that example.

Elder Maurer bought an impecable suit today, he looks down town. I think that suit will help further the work, because, as I always say, look good, feel good. He is a very wise man. He has learned so much, and knows how to apply it. He knows how to share doctrine with people that need to hear it, but he makes the situation positive and not defensive.

Today for preparation day we tried to go see the famous Sagrada Familia, the famous Catholic Cathedral. they say missionaries can get in free for being a religious group, but today the people were feeling cold and we did not have the chance to go. It costs 15€ so we decided it wasn't worth it. Maybe another day.

I found a book in piso with every talk given by Thomas S. Monson as a prophet, I am now studying it!!! It is incredible!!! There is a prophet today!!!

Our miracle this week was definitely seeing M. come to church. We had the priveldge of giving her a blessing the night before, and after she said that she felt so peaceful, she was not very nervous. She is progressing so well, accepting the commandments and pushing forward to baptism. What a miracle.

Love you all!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!
Next week, birthdays!!!! I choose pancakes for the breakfast!!!

Elder Kade Jay Tyson

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