Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mission Week 82

January 30, 2017

Howdy howdy!

It has been a marvelous week here in Badalona. I have felt so grateful for my area, my companion, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have received so many blessings that we can't every count.

It was wonderful to be at the worldwide training this past week. I learned that we should always compare our day to the doctrine of Christ. Did we have faith, did we change and repent, did we honor our covenants, did we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and did we give more today than yesterday? I am excited for the mission changes and know that they are inspired. I am so excited to get out and be a better servant of the Lord.

Right now our most promising investigator is J. He is from Peru and has a baptismal date set for the 11th of February although he might get baptized this week. He is seriously a miracle. We found him searching for his sister, and we have taught him the first three lessons, he has attended church, sports, and a baptismal service. He is incredible. He has completely turned his life around. About a year ago he was very depressed and didn't find purpose in his life. Now he is vibrant, full of energy, and is wanting to learn. We are so excited for him to take the next step of baptism.

This week we saw the miracle of Baptism! M. took a leap of faith and was baptized. We met her on the last day of the year and she was looking for a change in her life, she accepted the invitation to be baptized and quickly progressed. As the baptism grew close, we learned of a concern that she had that would prevent her from being baptized. We left it up to her and the Lord, and when we returned she said that although it was hard, she knew she couldn't live without God in her life, and she was baptized. The service was wonderful, we did all we could to keep it reverent, considering there was a youth dance going on below. I am so astounded by the faith of these strong converts, they give hope to the future of the church in Spain.

For preparation day we hiked the famous Monserrat!!! I took many pictures!!!! It was an absolute blast!!! A great last preparation day with Elder Maurer!!! It was a steep hike, but well worth it!!

This is a big week coming up, the last week of Elder Maurer. We have big plans this week to help him finish the mission with a bang! We are excited for another week of hard work, blessings, and miracles!

Transfers will be wild, have no idea what's going to happen. Big changes in the mission schedule, longer preparation day, and different key indicators, it should be fun. Also, this week we have a mission tour with Elder Kearon of the Seventy!! It will be great!! We are in charge of getting 72 Dominos pizzas, pepperoni all the way!!! So excited!!!

So happy to be a missionary! Sounds like the family is doing great, congratulate Allie for me!! Thank you for figuring out my housing situation, whatever you need else you need from me, I am on it!

Love you so much, have a great week!

Elder Kade Jay Tyson

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