Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mission Week 75: December 12, 2016

The weeks seem to be flying by here in El Faro. The Christmas spirit is in the air as the work moves forth boldly, nobly, and independent through the streets of Valencia. Our teaching pool is filled to the brim these days. A marvelous blessing of the Lord. We are one cannonball splash away from seeing a wave of baptisms, not only in our area, but in the zone.

I am in high spirits this week, finding comfort in the scriptures and Preach my Gospel. I am greatful for the active role of the Spirit in my life, revealing to me what I can do to get better. For the longest time I have seemed to have the trouble understanding a certain doctrine. The difference in revelation received by a prophet and by us. Why would we need revelation if a prophet has all of the answers all ready? Why can't I just search through every General Conference talk in existence and rely on the revelation of these great men and women, who surely are making fewer mistakes than I. I was pondering this when I came across a wonderful principle from Preach my Gospel. It states, "[God] reveals the truths necessary for salvation through prophets and apostles. He reveals truth to us personally through the scriptures and personal revelation."

That phrase impacted me. It may sound simple to you, but it illuminated my soul. I learned that the prophets receive revelation of the doctrine of salvation, and we receive revelation on how to apply that doctrine to our own lives. The Lord gives the doctrine to his appointed. The sabbath day for example. Then he reveals to me how to apply that in my life, not working, sports, etc. I am so grateful for the power of revelation. I know that the Lord inspires us and enlightens our minds so that we can further His work on the earth.

I am soaking up every minute with Elder Sedgwick. We are working together as a great team. He is helping me stay organized and focused, remembering the goals and our responsibilities.  I am amazed by his phenomenal leadership capability, our zone is thriving as a result.

C. is back! We are planning his baptism for this Saturday. His mom has given him the permission so we are all ready to go. He and his father L. have come so far. I know this will be a huge blessing for their family. We hope that his mom and sisters can attend and support him.

B. is progressing quite a bit, although I am biased because she made us a great lunch the other day. But her testimony is growing. We called her on a holiday and she was reading the Book of Mormon, going through the Guide to the Scriptures to resolve her problems, she came to the Stake Christmas Concert and loved every second of it. The members have been excellent in fellowshiping her. She gets surrounded by members at church and is really starting to feel at home. She has a baptismal date for January due to a vacation for the holidays.

Our other miracle investigator is J. L. He is Spanish who met with the missionaries years ago, but due to complications with family, he discontinued the discussions. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he felt a need to come back into the church, and it's been a miracle ever since. He now knows almost half the ward, has come to two ward activities, an eating visit, has accepted a date to be baptized for New Years Eve, and is coming to a family home evening with the bishop this week.

Today for Preparation day we went out to the Lladro museum. The fancy sculptures and stuff. We took a taxi out there, and it was lame. The cheapest thing was 200 dollars. Lame. Whatsmore they didn't even let us take picture of the art they had placed.  Also, I got my hair re-cut because the man last week messed up big time. So I went to another place.

For the zone we started a countdown to Christmas by giving them different tasks to do each day. #LightValencia. They include but are not limited to: Hug someone in the street, contact a redhead, make brownies for an investigator, do planning by candle light, give foor to the homeless, etc. The zone is getting really into it. Prize for the winners is a pancake breakfast by the Hermanas! classic.

I am so happy Kalee got the note from Elder Gomez. I was a little afraid that he wasn't going to find her. I was so jealous that he was going to be in the same building as her. He is a great missionary. I am so happy for Kalee. Sounds like she is doing great!!!

I am so joyful. I know the Lord is with us. We couldn't do anything on our own. I give all credit to my personal Savior Jesus Christ. This is His work. I am His. He saved me. I am so blessed to be His instrument so that He can now save others.

In the spirit of Christmas,

Elder Tyson

P.S. my return date is June 13, and I would love to live close to Naomi!!!! Also, Skype details to come, no worries, the timer will be on!!

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