Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mission Week 74: December 6, 2016

Dear Family,
          This was a great week of growth for me. I learned so much and saw many miracles. I am so very grateful for the plan that God has placed for me. I know He is a part of everything I do. I am grateful for the spiritual nourishment I have received in the last few conferences I have attended. I have realized that focussing on making the little things better makes the biggest difference in the end.
          Right now our investigator pool is as healthy as ever. We have received an outpouring of blessing and Ï can't thank the Lord enough for His help in this work. Our investigator B. has taken monumental steps in the Gospel. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and was concerned that it did not have reference to the Virgin Mary, someone she had been praying to her whole life. We had her turn to Alma seven where it explains the prophecy of Christ's birth and talks about his Atonement. She didn't understand why we, being Mormons, did not worship her. I began to feel uncomfortable. How we were supposed to tell this woman that a practice she had been living her whole life was doctrinally incorrect. We prayed for the Spirit as we asked her to pull out her Bible. We read the first two commandments in the Ten Commandments and explained the truth. I thought she was going to freak out, but in that moment, I saw a miracle. She looked at us after our explanation with a face of surprise and sorrow, not confusion and anger. She was so sad that she didn't know the scriptures well enough to know that all those years she had been living in error. We comforted her and helped her understand that she did know a lot about the scriptues, however there is so much more light and truth we can add, due to the Restoration of the Gospel. In the end of the lesson we commited her to be baptized in the coming month.
          We had our specialized training with President and Hermana Dayton. We love having them with us. It was so stressful preparing all the church, snacks, etc. We also had a big meeting with the stake president and President Dayton about the missionary work and that was very stressful.
My clothes are hanging in there.... losing socks by the day, but we fight on..... I am an Elder, if something gets stained or ripped, we just put a sweater over it.... hahaha

Elder Campbell is now a district leader.... lucky.... He is loving it!!!!

Definitely send the packages to the mmission home.... especielly if it doesn't arrive before christmas. Transfers are the day after.
Love you,
Elder Tyson

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