Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mission Week 51-June 27, 2016

Excited to give another weekly update. This entire week was a miracle. We were in homes, teaching lessons all week. We were shocked when we got to the end of the week. We thought we had a lot of empty time, but as we used our time wisely, we saw miracles and were running from home to home everyday.

It was the same story with entire district. Every companionship was able to meet with almost, if not all, of their investigators. It was a week of teaching and growing our areas. All testified that it was a special week.

We were so excited to see M. accept the Gospel. We taught a great lesson one, and when we asked him to be baptized, he accepted. His mother and brother are members, and his brother served a mission. I love seeing families be completed in the Gospel. We helped him see why his family is a part of this church, and we are excited to continue teaching him!

Elder Muñoz is doing great in training! We learned together that the best way to know the concerns is to ask them to live it, and if they say no, we follow up and find the concern. A great learning experience.

I loved my personal study this week. Reading about the Savior's life helps me feel closer to Him. He was the greatest example of being bold with love. He taught like one, having authority, the scripture says. Not only did he have authority from his father, but when He spoke, He did it with power. He was fearless. I also love how he did so well in applying the teachings to those he taught. He didn't use big vocabulary, or deep doctrine, He taught about sheep, and talents, and things they would understand. Always using scriptures to back him up. I hope that I can become like him and be a master teacher.

And here is my favorite part of the letter.... FUNNY STORIES WITH ELDER TYSON!!!

Here is the scoop, we all know how forgetful I am..... Like super forgetful...... And that I lose things all the time..... Like all the time..... Well this week was no different, worse, actually..... Don't tell the deportation office but this week, not only did I lose my nearly 200 euro train ticket, but also, my residency card, showing that I am legal...... It was rough..... One minute it was in my pocket, and after a fun game of hide and seek with our recent convert's two year old.... It was gone.....

Side note: the game was just in the living room, and I just hid on the other side of the couch.... Both parents were there, nothing sketchy... Elder Muñoz was there as well.. So no worries

Anyways, she was counting very fast, so I had to leap/dive over the couch to hide, and as we were leaving I noticed I didn't have my ticket or my residency card, and we couldn't find it anywhere...... LUCKILY, I said a prayer, so I will find it, maybe today, tomorrow, or the millennium.... But I will find it....

But it doesn't stop there folks..... I also lost our phone this week.... Smooth Elder Tyson..... We were blind for three days.... If you have ever served a mission (after the year 2003) you know that your phone is your life..... You need it to do any work basically..... Confirming plans, making new ones, calling the zone leaders, whatever.... And we were empty.....

Side note: if you served a mission before 2003 it is not to say that you didn't communicate, it's just to say that the cell phone is a lot faster than the telegraph or the pony express mail service... Love you still..... Hehehe

LUCKILY, It had just fallen out of my pocket in an investigators home, and we had to travel to the quinto pino to find it...... (For those greengos that is a saying for very far, love ya).... Hehehe.... But we did find it!!!!! And it was like a symphony, we just kept listening, and pretty soon we start to figure out our part, everyone plays a piece, and there melodies, in everyone of us, IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways... That's my story!!!!
I got some letters today, when we went to the office for my new ticket.... The picture of the house, the jokes, another one, and the one from Kalee..... Thank you!

For preparation day we went to Barcelona and played volleyball with the zone... It was fun!!!

So that's about it!!! Love you!
Elder Tyson


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