Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mission Week 47: A real letter :)

MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER MUÑOZ!!!!!!! He is from Honduras but has lived in the Canary Islands for almost five years! He is a convert of almost four years and is an incredible missionary!!!! I am so excited to be with him. He loves soccer and is going to be doing all the cooking for the next few weeks.... Hahaha.... We bought some lettuce and tomato today!!!! That is not sarcasm folks!!!!

I am a firm believer in trial by fire. I want him to start having experience to take the reins as soon as he can. He is ambidextrous so he won't have the same problem I had when I lost the egg on the
spoon contest in the horse show. We are going to be doing lots of practices. I want him to just fall in love with the work so early that it carries him to the end. We are going to be exactly obedient and
work so hard!!!

Elder Miller was excited.... Sad to go but excited... The members were sad to see him go. J. and V. said they were going to take a trip down to see him. The area has been closed for over a year!!!! He
is going to so great!!

The trainer meeting were great! I had five pulled pork sandwiches. I know, not the point, but a great bonus! We learned a lot.  I got my new companion a jar of candy just like Elder Caetano got for me. Oh the good old days!!!

J. and V. are doing great!!!! They had their interview last night, and did great!! Nervous but great!!! I have lots of brownies to do but it is worth it. I bought a ten pound bag of flour today!!!! So worth it!!! Haha. It was very cheap. This past week we saw huge miracles. We found another family who is now preparing for baptism in two weeks, and we had 8 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!!!! IT WAS CRAZY WE WERE SO SURPRISED AND FELT SO BLESSED.... A great way to finish for Elder Miller and me to finish our time together!!!

Every member of my MTC district is training this transfer. It was so good to see them all again. All are district leaders as well. Also Elder Sedgwick, who knows the Wilhites. He is the new assistant. We all called it!!!

So that's basically it!!!! Had sushi this week!!!  It was a wild one!!!! Love you lots.

Elder Tyson

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