Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mission Week 50: Terrassa

 June 20, 2016

This was a great week, full of learning and miracles. My companion and
I are great. We battled the elements and hours in the streets this
week, but we came out on top! It was fantastic. Elder Muñoz is great.
I am learning from him all the time, I am so grateful for a great

For preparation day, we went to Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays!!!! It
was so fun!!!! We saw everything, the press box was a big highlight
for me. With a companion addicted to soccer, it's hard not to love

We had zone conference this week, it was great!!!! We learned a ton.

Also, it poured rain and hailed for about twenty minutes one day.....
It was crazy, and really fun....

 We donated blood..... That was very scary, but very fun...... I can't
wait to know my blood type!!!! The whole ward went. It was awesome!


One of the miracles we saw this week was yesterday. We were walking to
the metro to pick up a member and go to another part of our area, when
I noticed a family sitting on a bench, enjoying the Sabbath. I kept
walking and heard a voice come to my mind and say, "go back and talk
to that family." I shrugged it off. I thought, we will be late if we
don't go now. They will be fine. No pasa nada. The voice came a second
time, then a third. At this point we had well passed them, and I knew
it would be awkward to go back, but I figured that was my punishment
for not listening the first time. I stopped, looked at my companion,
and reluctantly said, "Elder we need to go back and talk to that
family." He happily accompanied me. We took the walk of shame back to
them, I will be eternally grateful that we did. This family embraced
the Gospel. In the few minutes we had to talk to them, we were able to
set up a return visit, and they were excited for us to return.

I don't know exactly what is going to come out of that contact, but I
do know that the Spirit told me to go back. That this full family now
has the chance to hear the Gospel, and if I wouldn't have listened, I
would have denying them the Gospel, and I would have felt awful after.
I hope that the next time I get a prompting like this, I will follow
it the first time and more carefully, to show the Lord I am ready to
be his instrument.

This week in my studies I learned a lot about hope, a Christlike
attribute I am trying to develop. I always thought hope was a broad,
vague concept that was difficult to understand, but in reading Preach
my Gospel, I gained a true understanding of the principle. It says
that hope is manifest through tranquility, optimism, enthusiasm, and
patience. I think that is so true and applicable. When we find
ourselves in a rough spot, we can be calm, and come to terms with our
situation, after we can be positive and desire to be better. Then we
show enthusiasm by doing all we can to better our lives, we don't just
leave it all to the lord, to develop hope, we have to act. To finish,
we need to have patience, and know that after we have done our part,
the Lord will do the rest, in His time, and in His way. I was so
inspired. I tried to come up with an acronym for it.

H- Halcyon
O- Optimism
P- Patience
E- Enthusiasm

I had to look that first one up, but I am pretty sure it means
peaceful. Well that's it for my wild week. Hope you you have a great
week. love you!

Elder Tyson

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