Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 12-Talking to EVERYONE!!!

This week has been a miracle. I have no other words to describe it. We have seen so much success. I know it has been due to our exact obedience one night.

We were walking down the street one night, and Elder Caetano said, "Alright Elder, let's talk to everyone." 
We started talking with people and in an hour and a half we found five new investigators. Truly a miracle. 

The next day we tried it again and we set an amazing fecha with a woman who was so excited to read the Book of Mormon. That same day we met a woman and just told her how much God loved her. It made me think of Zone Conference how we talked about slowing things down and teaching with clarity. I could feel her spirit as she came to fully realize that she is a daughter of God.

My Spanish is coming along great. I finally feel confident that I can say what I want and with power.

I feel so blessed. I have truly received the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that when we are obedient, we see miracles.

 I wasn't transferred and neither was my companion, which is great. I think I am figuring this out.

A few things

First of all... Never go to Mr. Mac. One of my pant legs was hemmed and the other wasn't. They are two different lengths... Super funny, but weird looking.

Also, I have a pretty funny story from this week.
We were walking down the street the other day and this super drunk guy comes up to us and says, " Elders, I love you, give me God." We tried to be nice but just kept walking. Like three minutes later he comes running down the middle of the street yelling, " Elders" he said he only wanted a pass along card, so we gave it to him and he was satisfied. It was hilarious. He almost got hit by a car.

One of the zone leaders in my piso is the new ayudante. His name is also Elder Dunn. We are excited for him.  Anyways, for preparation day, I did all the dishes. Then we went to the train station to see all the transferring missionaries. Couple from my group. So great to see them!
 I am excited for General Conference, except we are only watching three sessions here, and I don't know which ones and when the apostles will be called, so I hope I find out. I didn't find out that Elder Scott died until an elder told me like three days later.

Also, on a political note. Catalunya voted to be a separate country yesterday, and the parties were in favor but the people weren't.
The ward is great! We have a standing eating appointment every Sunday with some members. 

I am just doing my best. The Lords doing the rest. I am so happy though.  I am so blessed!
September Zone Conference in Hospitalet

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