Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission Week 10: Hospitalet

Hey familia!!!!!

I have seen so many miracles in my work this week, mostly in myself, but also in the Hospitalet area also. I think the biggest miracle that I have seen has been in my language skills. I have taught with much more clarity and focus. I know that the Spirit has been guiding my words. I have taught many parts of The Restoration this week, and I am learning how to not only teach the points in Spanish, but ask questions and understand the answers given to me. It has been such a great miracle for me.

Elder Caetano has helped me all along the way. I admire his genuine kindness. I can tell he really loves the people. He does little things to make people feel loved, like giving a child a sucker, or a new convert a gift. He wants to show the people that he loves them and cares about the things that are important to them.

We met Andriodis and Lady this week and set a fecha with them for the 26 of September. They are great people. They both want to find the truth, and I am so grateful that the Lord is trusting us to bring it to them. We decided to take Antonio to another baptismal service, and set a date with him also for the 26, we are going to pass by everyday to make sure he reads and prays... I think seeing the amount of friends he can have in the church really got to him... I think he is finally ready to take that step.

This week in training we focused on working with members. We are building our ward little by little. We are trying to help them see that the first converts in their ward need to be them. We watched all of the District videos regarding Ward Council and working with members and I think we can really make a difference here.

I have realized that there are two types of birds here... Pigeons, and parrots. There are parrots everywhere, a beautiful green color. It's so awesome! We can't drink the water here... Too much calcium... So we buy tons... It's like South America here... The people are all from there tambien.

Hey I was curious about my plaque for my mission... Is our ward doing that still? No big deal, just wondering...

Food for thought, in Spanish chiste is joke and chisme is gossip... Just saying... Very similar.

So, I told elder Caetano that I won't write you guys until it's at least 6:00 am there, so you guys can sleep. Also he loved the gifts you gave me, and was wondering where his were... Hahaha...

So for preparation day we woke up at 4:30 and hiked a mountain above Barcelona , these are the pictures, after we found this awesome swing that I swung on. I am also sending some other funny pictures.

I gained a real testimony of attitude this week. I can control the things I can control. I can't control the Bishop, members, or investigators, I can only control how I help them to come unto Christ. It's helped me realize that I need to respect the Agency of others but do all I can to invite them to Come Unto Christ.

Love you so much

Elder Tyson

I love that Elder Caetano is kind and generous with people.  That is very sweet.  He sounds alot like how you are when it comes to generosity and kindness. What a great quality

How are you doing with food?

My zone is great! Have you gotten my package yet?? All I know is my area is a little box of buildings. No grass. I hear other areas have grass though.
Oh we get fed every day. It is the bomb! The food is so good. We have delicious South American dishes, Except ñoki. It's this potato pasta stuff. Oh I wanted to die. But other than that...Super delicious!!!! Seafood, and mayo... I eat it all... Truly have the gift of tongues.... Haha.
I was reading Elder Jonson's blog and he talked about a ward activity where they flooded the area with El Libro De Mormon. Were you involved in that? 
Ya, I was a part of the activity. It was so fun. I was with a member and he was a firecracker. We found like three people in that one hour! The work has been tough though. On Friday, we want tracting for 6 hours and not one person listened to us... Super humbling!
It's super great when we teach, but everyone lives outside of our area. We find referrals for the hermanas every day.
I am reading the Book of Mormon again, and the New Testament. I just started Acts. And I am in 1 Nephi chapter 16. I am trying to read it in Spanish.  It's slow going.
One of my favorite principle to teach is prophets. I think members take them for granted sometimes. But seriously, God speaks directly with these men. Something that hadn't happened until Joseph Smith. Pretty amazing!
 Mom, you would love the style here I am sending some pictures from some of the shops here!

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  1. Love the pictures and video. Looks like he is having fun. Love that kid:)