Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mission Week 46: Terrassa

Hi Everyone-
This week we had stake conference, it was great we got to take our investigators and president was able to meet them!!! And it was very nice to see that EVEN IN SPAIN THE CHURCH IS THE SAME. Ultimately, the Spirit. It's incredible to me that no matter where I am in the world, the Spirit I feel is the same. Even when I am dying of heat because someone felt chilly and turned off the air (yes, that happens in Spain as well) I can know that the church is true, that Christ loves all of his children everywhere and is not going to share a secret with one part of the world and not to the other.

What another fantastic week! We had a great time and saw so many miracles. Elder Miller and I have been trying to focus more on teaching families and this week we saw miracles because of our desires.

We had a goal at the beginning of the week to find 11 new investigators, but as we began the week, we really focused on talking to families and not just individuals. It was incredible. We reached Friday with 15 new investigators! But we knew we could still get more, so we raised our goal to 20! We worked so hard the last two days and ended up with a grand total of 20 new investigators!!!! It felt to rewarding to know that 20 people got hear the Gospel this week and have accepted! What a miracle!

Currently we are teaching J. and V. who have a baptismal date for the fourth of June. They are getting so excited for their baptism. After they made the decision to get baptized we have seen a mighty change in them. They are more open to us and are recognizing the Spirit more. They have been reading the Book of Mormon, and they have accepted all of the commandments! We are so excited for them to be baptized and one day be sealed as a family forever. 

I have been exhausted at the end of each day.... Hitting the bed and then being surprised at the alarm!!!! It has been so great.... I love feeling wiped out at the end of a day!!!!!

Today for preparation day we hiked to a huge plateau. It was very pretty could see so much... I will post the video!!!

Also this week I get to do my first baptismal interview for some elders in my district!!!! So excited!!!!

I had some bomb shrimp this week!!!!! You would've liked it for sure!!!!

All in all, great week.... We have a huge mission conference this week!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Elder Tyson


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