Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mission Week 44-Mother's Day in Terrassa!

Editor's note:

It was amazing to get to Skype with Elder Tyson on Mother's Day! He is doing great! He loves his mission and his companion and is loving the Ward in Terrassa. We feel so blessed to have him serving the Lord. Mother's Day was awesome! We are already looking forward to Christmas!

Here is his letter the day after Mother's Day:

This week was just solid. I got the opportunity to do my first intercambio outside of my area with Elder Woodmansee in my district!!!! He is such a great elder. I learned a lot from him and their area is on fire!!!!! It was fun to get to know him. He is just out of training and a great missionary. An amazing asset to that area for sure!!!!

This was such a spiritual one. I learned a lot in helping bringing the gospel to others. I am so grateful for the book of mormon and the role it plays in our conversion. Right now we are teaching J. and V. They are s wonderful couple and they have been a miracle. They have been really open to the gospel, and they have lots of questions which shows they want to know more!!!! We are teaching them tonight so that we can help them set a baptismal date. Also, in the beginning of the week, they made us food after the lesson, and they said that tonight is our turn..... so, here comes the brownies!!!!!!!! We have the stuff, and we will do it tonight!!!!!

So, that's the week in a nutshell.... busy, busy, busy..... rainy, rainy, rainy. rainy..... we also have a boy in our ward who helps us all the time, and he loves high school musical hahaha.... he loves singing the songs!!!! It has been a blast, he is so full of energy the people love him!!!!!

For preparation day we just watched church movies in piso..... it has been very rainy, and I took some pants in to get skinnied a little bit.... I have just lost a lot of weight!!!!!
Skyping was so great!!!! So good to be with you!!!!! I have learned so much!!!! How was my Spanish, better????? Did you understand it with the lisp!!!!!
So for district leader, I have to hold a district meeting and teach what the assistants assign us to teach, I can set goals and things for the district. I receive all of the numbers for the district and report them to the zone leaders every Sunday, as well I call all of the district and ask them how the week went. I do an intercambio with all of the elders in the district and help in their areas.... Pretty easy, but super stressful!!!
The district is great... Every companionship has lots to teach and we all bettered this week!!!
We teach English every other week with the hermanas for our service.
Well, I have to go!!!!! love you lots!!! you are great!!! it was so great to see your smiling faces yesterday!!!!!!
Elder Tyson and his friend "Austin"


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