Monday, May 16, 2016

Mission Week 45: Terrassa

Dear family,

Things have been so great this week, Elder Miller and I have worked so hard and we have seen many miracles.

It rained a ton this week. We were so wet, ruined one of my shirts because we just wore short sleeve shirts on accident and the strap of my bag stained my shirt..... Bad news there....but hey we survived.

Our district meeting this week was super fun, we talked all about the Book of Mormon and in the end we played a scripture chase type game with those cards you gave me!!!! It was a lot of fun, and the district seemed to love it!!! Game time is my favorite time of district meeting!!! This week we are going to play the sock throw into the basket for a district goal I am brewing!!!! Hahaha.... It has been so great!!!!,

Right now we are working with J. and V., a family in our area who have a fecha for the fourth of June. We had such a sweet experience with them as we asked them how the Book of Mormon reading was going. They said they had been reading and praying, and that they had received an answer that it was true. The Spirit filled the room as I could see their doubts melting into faith. V. was sick this week so she could not attend church, but J. and his daughter were able to attend and they both enjoyed it very much.  They are progressing so much and we are so excited for them.

Elder Miller is fantastic. He is a great worker and exactly obedient. He also puts forth a big effort to make sure our companionship is in the best condition possible, he is always finding little ways to serve me helping me in all that I do. I am so grateful for him and his efforts here in Terrassa.

The ward here is thriving and is so centered on missionary work. We receive help daily and even did a member split the entire afternoon during the week.

Hey so I was wondering if I could get some new deodorant from home, I am down to my last stick, and I do not want to buy Spain stuff. Also, more of that BOMB PANCAKE MIX!!!!!!!! That stuff was so good, I would love some more.

Lastly, if you happen to have a chocolate chip cookie recipe, I would love that!!!

Sorry I am still chubby!!!! Hahahahah 

Love you,

Elder Tyson

Elder Tyson in front of  the Masia Freixa
District in Terrassa (photo from Elder Allen's blog)

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