Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mission Week 42: TERRASSA!!-April 25, 2016

Big big big week folks...

As you may have heard, I have left the comfort of the tiny city of Manacor and have arrived in the beautiful city of TERRASSA. Boom!!!!!!! I a so excited to be here.... I was pretty nervous to go but I am feeling better and better by the minute!!!!! My new companion is Elder MILLER!!!!! He is such a good missionary.

So apparently his dad served in your same mission... Around the same time.... Just wondering... His name is elder Miller as well....

Okay so my last week in Manacor was a wild one!!!!!

So the biggest thing was the baptism of K!!!!!!!!
We were so excited for him!!!! He is such a great kid!!!! The service was great, he was great, the members were great. It was so good. While we had the interview at his house I had to leave the room so I played with his little nephews. We think their whole family will accept the gospel!!!!

Sunday we went out to a beautiful place with C. and her family..... While there, a man told us he would draw us for free.... We gladly accepted, and now I have an alien version of my face!!!!

On Monday, I said goodbye to Manacor, and as we were walking, our recent convert C. came and told me she was working on a picture for me!!!!! I was so happy she found us!!!! Tender mercies!!!!

I was super sad to say goodbye to Elder Cook, but the new adventure has begun!!!! He was a great companion!!!

Elder Miller is from Upland California. He lived in the Upland 2nd Ward. He has been serving almost seven months... He is a great guy... His mom's name is Lorelle...

Elder Cook is now with the British Elder Parker from my group...

There are six of us in the district. Two sisters and four elders... I am in the Barcelona zone....

Apparently there is a baptism this week!!!!!! I am so excited.... A great way to start off the area!!!!!!

On Friday we also taught seminary... It was super fun... We walked about how prophets are a watchtower so we made towers out of gumdrops and toothpicks.... They didn't have little marshmallows.... It was a blast!

Love you so much!!!!

Elder Tyson

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