Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mission Weeks 40 & 41 April 11 & April 18: Manacor

I have fallen a bit behind on updating Elder Tyson's blog. Here are the last two weeks.

April 11, 2016

Just another fantastic week in the life of the Elders of Manacor. We had a week full of amazing opportunities and miracles, allow me to just share a few.

First is our investigator K. His fecha for baptism is on the 23rd of this month. We picked him up and brought him to church and he loved it. We were praying to find a way to help him get to Palma for our District Conference next week, and as we were talking with some members he knew, they said they would gladly drive him, and he accepted. It was a miracle and a great answer to our prayers.

Next was our miracle with F. We got a call from one of our members asking if we could meet her at the church the next day, she had a friend she wanted us to meet. We went and met F. She has been searching for the true church for years and it was amazing to see the Spirit touch her heart. Elder Cook and I taught with great unity and the lesson really seemed to flow. We extended a fecha, but she said she wanted to read a little bit from the Book of Mormon before she decides. It was so amazing. Our members are really starting to catch the fire of missionary work.

Our members have been great with the transition of C. from investigator to new member, they already assigned visiting teachers and want to help her be a part of our culture. It has been wonderful.

Elder Cook is great. He is such a blessing to have as a companion. His testimony brings so much power. he is great at following the promptings of the Spirit and promising blessing when we extend commitments. I el so grateful to the Lord that he allowed me to be with such an amazing companion. He teaches me everyday.

So, Elder Cook really likes to hide in our piso. Whenever I leave the room and come back, he is gone. It even happens in the street. It is very funny but this week was the last straw. Because not only does he hide, But he likes to scare me, and as you all know, I am a pretty jumpy guy. This week when he scared me, I freaked out, and basically had an anxiety attack. I had a shiver down my spine the rest of the night and it took me a while to fall asleep. But all is well, we made a truce that he can only scare me one more time, as long as he is documenting it on camera for future generations.

Today for preparation day we went out with Inca to see this castle in their area. It was pretty cool.

I got the priesthood line of authority.... It is great.... Thank you!!!!

Love you so much....

Elder Tyson
April 18, 2016-The Wet One
 To begin my epistle may I describe an experience that happened to
Elder Cook and me that has made me realize that although the man was
wise for building his house upon the rock, he was also extremely
foolish because he didn't buy the flood insurance and when the floods
came, his house was fine, but his belongings were not so lucky. The
foolish man's house may have washed away, but the wise man's house
still flooded.

It started just like any other day. Wake up, bathroom, shower,
breakfast, studies, streets. We went to our weekly visit that we have
with a member and we were on our way to grab an ice cream cone at
Burger King when our phone rang. It was the owner of our apartment
saying that there was water running out of our apartment. We hurried
back in a flurry and didn't see much walking up to the building. Then
the fun began.  We stepped into the building and water was flowing
down the stairs and pooling in the entry way, but the worst was yet to
come. As we opened the door of our apartment I thought I had just
stepped into a reflecting pool.

Apparently step 2 of my morning routine didn't go down as planned (Pun
intended). I had clogged the toilet and the apartment was paying the
price. Luckily, We didn't  have too many things on the floor, so
nothing was ruined. Just the copy of Jesus the Christ that I use for
my bathroom studies. It filled up my bathroom, our study room, the
kitchen, Elder Cook's bathroom, the hallway, and out the door and down
the stairs.

We quickly got our three towels together and began the long process of
drying the floor. Thankfully some members saved the day by sacrificing
some of their towels to help the cause. After a couple hours we had it
all dried up and we were on our way. We definitely weren't "WET"ty for
that one. It's just one of those stories you will be telling you
grandchildren about.

For Preparation day, We are staying around here and getting ready for
the week. Elder Cook cut his hair,  other than that, pretty calm week. 
We had interviews with President which were good, and we are just loving the life!!!

Love you all,

Elder (always causing some sort of crazy unnecessary problem) Tyson

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