Friday, February 26, 2016

Mission Week 33-Mancor February 22, 2016

Ok folks.....

I'm not gonna lie, it was a pretty normal week Lots of the same. We were in the streets, giving out some books, cheering that they wanted to hear more, and wetting my companion's shoulder with my tears after finding out that their address was fake. just your average week!!!! It was great though.

We had specialized training where President talked to us about being bold in our commitments, then he sang a song about it. He is a true piano man!

I had an intercambio with our district leader. He is a solid guy!!!! His name is Elder Fairbanks. He is from just outside of Seattle.

I learned this week after forgetting my gel in Palma that shampoo works as an amazing substitute, then I already have it in my hair for the shower the next day. My hair smells like green apples!

We met with a friend who wanted to know more because she liked how firm our belief was in Christ, and how we believed that families could be together forever, but when I testified that this knowledge brings happiness and joy, she proceeded to tell us that she didn't want to be happy. She saw so much suffering in the world, she didn't deserve to be happy, nor did she want to. It was so sad, because she looks like she could be Grandma Harrington's Spanish sister. She is so kind, just doesn't want to be happy, it was very odd.

I feel great about our area, our members are starting to get the vibe. AM I sad that we aren't seeing baptisms? No... They will come... We gave out a Book of Mormon to an atheist last night, so I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose, I hope he decides to come unto Christ!!!!!

Other than that, another great week! We just hung around piso today, cleaning and made a delicious Alfredo. My cooking is improving... hahahaha

love you lots!!!!

Here are some thoughts that Elder Tyson shared with Grandma Harrington about grace for a lesson she was teaching:

 Hey so I just sent this to grandma Harrington, but i wanted to share it with you as well

I know you were doing a big study on grace, and I heard an insight that might be interesting that hit home with me. When Alma is talking with his son Helaman he recounts his story of seeing the angel and how he repented and was, "Born of God" he talks about in verse 12 of chapter 36 in the book of Alma how he was "racked with eternal torment, for [his]soul was harrowed up to the greatest degree and racked with all [his] sins."

SO why then, if Christ suffered for his sins, did Alma the younger suffer? It was a question I had. Well, I saw a video that talks about how Alma's suffering was for a completely different purpose. Christ suffered to pay for the sins, to satisfy the demands of justice, while Alma's suffering was intended to change his attitude towards sinning, so that he could experience, "a mighty change of heart." (Alma 5) As we learn from the story of King Benjamin, when we go through a mighty change of heart, "we have no more disposition to do evil, to but to do good continually."

How incredible, that Christ had no changing to do, he was perfect. But he suffered so that when our suffering begins, from guilt, trial, heartache, we can exclaim as Alma in verse 20, "And oh, what joy, and what marvelous light I did behold; yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!"

He made that possible. I testify that as we turn to him, and we are willing to pay the price of turning to him, he will change us. I invite you to read Alma 36 because it is much more eloquent than I, but I know it's true! Christ did it because he loves us. I know he loves you Grandma, because I have felt his love for me, I share this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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